Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Learning and knowing

Learning is being shown facts or ways that we have not experienced or cannot see for ourselves.
However, to come to know them is a  totally different matter. If we do not train ourselves with them to make them completely belong to us through enlightenments, knowing does not happen.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

To know things is

Knowing isn't so simple as people say simply. They easily say that they know things but the truths are different from what they say. Smokers say they know smoking is
harmful but they still smoke. People say they know that diligence, frugality, and honesty are important in life but they aren't alive in their life.
To truly know a certain thing is, like a physical organ, to become part of ourselves. What we know must be alive in our words, behavior, life, and so on.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Forgotten truths

The most fundamental and serious problem in the present world is that people are leading their life with being ignorant of their truths.
Most of them are either unaware of the existence of the truths or indifferent to r own truths. Although there is anyone that tries to know about their truths, they are either wasting their time on the wrong ways or wandering around looking for the correct way.
The problem is that unless you are aware of your truth, you cannot attain what you want.

Saturday, 10 December 2016


Those who have a certain religion often say judgment. Their future and  mine are determined not by someone's judgment but by the truths.

To prove the existence of things

As for whether or not something exists, should its existence be proven, or should its nonexistence be proven?

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Standing on the street....

27th November, Sunday
Except for the matter of jet lag, standing on the street in the strong cold wind with holding a banner was not easy for the first a few days. Although we started this task with the determination that we receive punishment instead of people in the world, the suffering is yet again the unavoidable reality. I seemed to start to get accustomed to it yesterday(26th) and could pay attention to other things. I ponder over the fact that I am standing here for people and wait for saying hello, even when a passer-by gives just a glimpse at the banner.
The first question is mostly ‘what is Society of Natural Science?’ I have tried a few ways to answer the question. While I was looking for a better way to answer, I asked Jaeman to think over the answer. Soon he presented a good answer.
‘Society of Natural Science reveals the truths of things of the world and convey them to people in the world.’
The hardest part is the gibberish which those who are out of their mind are talking. Although I assure myself that I have to do my best to treat well everybody, there are no easy solutions against those who are talking gibberish with unfocused eyes and blowing cigarette smoke.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Working for the public

 The English word as a verb for working as a public officer is 'serve'. Those who are able to achieve money, fame, or whatever they want, are to use their abilities not for their personal success but for their societies, countries, or the world. Therefore, those who want to work as a public officer need proper abilities and attributes. Without proper abilities, they would do damage to societies by ruining their tasks. Without proper attributes, they only cause troubles by engaging in bribery and corruption.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Golden spoon and dirt spoon

 When I was a high school student, I had a quarrel with my youngest sister.
 "What's it in aid of if I become a professor or a doctor? Even at that time, I will still agonize what I'm agonizing now and suffer from it!"
 "What are you talking about, little boy? Be like the other boys!"
 I can't remember exactly what I was thinking about those days but it seemed certain that I wasn't interested in things like so-called success.
 These days I often hear 'golden spoon(This is from the English expression, 'born with a silver spoon in one's mouth')' or 'dirt spoon.' Most people are envious of 'golden spoon' and send sympathy to 'dirt spoon.' However, this reality is like putting the cart before the horse. The fundamental reason why people want to be rich economically is that becoming rich seems to bring them happiness. Is it really the case?
 The best value in life is happiness and peace. How can we have these two things in our life? What makes it possible is diligence, frugality, and honesty. Understandably, it is really difficult for 'golden spoons' to practice the three things.

 Be the person who think it fortunate to be in the state of poverty. If you can live ,working hard, using money sparingly, and say and behave righteously, you will experience the true happiness and peace in your life.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


If we bless the farmland, as the land gives us good harvest, we make ourselves be blessed by blessing others.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Don't be deceived by yourself.

Master said.
"Don't deceive and don't be deceived."
Among the contents of this teaching, I have one thing as homework.
"Don't be deceived by yourself!"
In my consciousness, the words and behavior remain as they are which I have done during my past lives and my present life. The problem is that the words and behavior will continue to appear in the future. This situation can be easily understood by taking an example of bad habits. Bad habits don't happen simply continuously but deceive me into doing the same things continuously. This is relevant not only to bad habits but seeing, hearing, accepting, judging, practicing, etc.
Then, how can we not be deceived?

For reference, wrong teachings end with just words but true teachings provide proper and concrete ways.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Teacher and student

No matter how great your master is and no matter how precious his/her teachings are, all the students can’t change for the better. Of course, although it is obvious that the possibility that you can become better gets bigger if you have a good teacher and good teachings, the results will be different, depending on how well the students understand the teachings and how hard they practice them with willpower and efforts.

For example, the fact that you know Buddha and have heard of his teachings doesn’t lead naturally you change for the better. You are familiar with an excellent math teacher and watch him solving some difficult math problems, which doesn’t mean that your math skills change for the better spontaneously. Just the chances that you can achieve your goals become bigger when you learn and understand properly and make efforts endlessly than when you don’t.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Buddha said,

Buddha said, "I haven't said my own words. I haven't said my own thoughts but have said what is." People don't say what is but their thoughts.

Causes and results

You must not forget that what you do is the causes of all the results you obtain.

Society and consciousness

Before a society perishes, the consciousness of people in the society gets ruined first.

True education

The true education gives enlightenments which help people to be able to see and understand problems present.

Stay awakened!

My master said, “Stay awakened all the time!”
He must have said so, because although we are awakened, we aren’t awakened. We aren’t recognizing exactly what words we say and what behavior we do. In extreme similitude, our words and behavior aren’t much different from somniloquence.
In general, people are indifferent to the results which their words and behavior will cause. Indifferent to what future they will give to people around them, their societies, their countries, the world and themselves as well. Simply, they are only interested in whether or not what they want, especially their desires, can be fulfilled.

What we say and behave becomes causes to necessarily produce corresponding results. The resolutions of words or thoughts, ‘I will live righteously,’ can never guarantee good results. Staying awakened all the time, we have to keep watching our words and behavior and try to prevent bad causes from happening or review the mistakes we make.

Friday, 8 July 2016

A smart wordsmith lawyer

A lawyer who is said to be smart and a wordsmith was censuring politicians for their senseless behavior in a TV show. Although, as a lawyer, he might have a great deal of knowledge, actually he can't see the truths of politicians he was criticizing. What he was doing is like speaking ill of people who don't know the multiplication table and so can't multiply two large numbers and scolding thieves for their theft. In the states of not memorizing the multiplication table or not helping to enlighten thieves about the fundamental badness of theft, no matter how much they are criticized, nothing changes.
It is almost impossible for those, especially politicians, who have no conscience and justice to make sensible and objective judgments and put the judgments into action. Conscience is light in minds and justice is light in societies. They have no conscience and justice in their minds and societies so the total darkness prevents them from distinguishing right from wrong and good from bad. What is much worse, it is really difficult to find the teachings in today's world which cultivate conscience and justice.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Does bad behavior disappear?

If someone is punished for their crimes by law, do the crimes disappear? If someone repents of or says their prayers of remorse for their wrong behavior, does the behavior become extinct? Laws, tears of repentance, or victims' forgiveness cannot help something bad that they have done to vanish. What they have done wrongly remain in them forever to make them commit the same things repeatedly.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Money is very important in human life.
Money is a basic means of living. Without money in modern societies, it is nearly impossible to have the necessities of life. However, there is a much more important point. It is the matter of a means and an objective. Money is not an objective of life but a means of life.
To those whose objective is money, it is the best result to accumulate as much money as possible. For the result, they do not mind doing anything bad. This kind of blind pursuit is not only a complete waste of life but a way to ruin the self.
It is money as a means that is something that human beings must keep in mind. How money is earned and spent. The results of words and behavior related to this kind of matter of money have tremendous influences on the self.
Money is one of the biggest dangers which can ruin people, and at the same time the obvious and valid criterion that makes people observe their lives and manage them well.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Learning from a living teacher or from words

It is a really great thing to learn from teachers who can see and teach things of the world as they are. By the way, it is never easy to learn even simple things. Then, how difficult and hard is it to learn and master the best teachings which can make ourselves and the world change for the better and to have them our own? However, there is a more important thing than any other thing. It is the difference between learning directly from a living teacher and learning from words left by a teacher who passed away. Let's take an example of teaching, 'Live honestly.' In case that we learn directly from a living teacher, we can confirm from the teacher whether or not we live honestly by asking questions. However, in case that we learn with words, it is impossible to confirm if we live honestly. We can just guess what living honestly is like according to our own values or judgments.
The teaching of 'practice love' is the common teaching which mankind's great teachers taught. People are defining, teaching, or practicing 'love', depending on their own thoughts, not knowing what results their words and behaviors make through what process.


It is said that the one who was the wisest person in ancient Greece was Socrates. It is because the other people knew nothing but he knew the single thing that he knew nothing.
People believe that they know lots of things. Their beliefs, common senses, values, hopes, etc. By the way, if these things are all falsehood which is not based on fact, how unhappy, unfortunate, sad, etc.!
Those who have wisdom! Take a step backward and look at yourselves and the world.

Building Karma

People teach other people or solve others' problems, even though they don't know what they are doing. This is what builds karma in them.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Law Of Cause And Effect

People think that things of the world are created or controlled by the one with particular power. This has been possible in societies ruled by a politician or a dictator. However, the societies which have undergone these things had to pay tremendous cost for them. In a word, it is because politicians or dictators forced their ideas on people without being aware of things of the world.
The law of cause and effect is the word that indicates the contents which reveal how things of the world come into being. If people come to know this law of cause and effect, they will obtain the results of avoiding doing badness and saving themselves from their ignorance for themselves.
 Then, what is the law of cause and effect?

What Makes All The Things Come Into Being
 The law of cause and effect means a phenomenon which takes place in the situation where a certain happening meets a certain thing. For example, as copper is alloyed with lead, new metal with new features is formed or alloying platinum with copper results in different new metal with different new features. With these examples, we can explain about the law of cause and effect.
 And as certain land is planted with a certain kind of seed, what result is obtained, that is, good fruits are grown or bad fruits, applies to the law of cause and effect. In a word, the law of cause and effect is what exists in the truth which creates all the things in the world.
 However, when ordinary people hear that what exists in the truth is the law of cause and effect, they do not understand this because they are not fully aware of the truth. Even though they say by rote like a parrot that what exits in the truth is the law of cause and effect, it is nearly impossible for them to understand it.
Let’s take an example to try to verify once again how the law of cause and effect is accepted and understood.

When new metal is made by alloying platinum with copper, the new metal has a variety of features and they changes according to the combination percentage. The features of the metal which is made with the percentage of 60% of copper and 40% of platinum are different from those of the metal with the percentage of 40% of copper and 60% of platinum.
Then, how does the law of cause and effect have to be seen in the truth? In the truth, 3X3 equals to 9. In the truth, 5+5 equals to 10. By the way, there are not only 3X3 or 5+5. There are 4X5, 6+2, etc. Hence, the law of cause and effect is built like mathematical formulas.
 If a result was not so much as expected, it would mean that all the matters are not solved which exist in the truth that makes it possible for me to gain what I want. In order for us to easily understand the law of cause and effect, we have to examine closely a principle, that is, how a certain thing makes a certain matter come into being.
 Then, what is this principle? To put it simply, it is said to be the same thing as a mathematical formula. What is a mathematical formula? 1+1 equals to 2 and 10+10 equals to 20. That is, results change depending on problems. When we talk about this, we call what makes this come into being a principle.
 A principle in the world makes a thing come into being by a formula. So countless matters exist in a principle and the countless matters appear and are solved by the single principle.
It is a historical fact that Sakyamuni Buddha made great efforts to inform people of this thing. Then, why did he have to report this? It is because, if people understand this, they will awake from ignorance and so prevent themselves from falling into wrong places and from doing wrong things. It means that they can keep themselves safe against dangers or temptations in the world.

Dreadful Ghosts’ Contact
The reason why there are plenty of problems in the human world in this era is that this teaching doesn’t exist in people’s consciousness and these things are not publicly shown, taught, and understood. Therefore, due to a single matter, we have had to have arguments and conflicts and, further on, wars. It comes from the human world not being able to see and understand fully what is.
 What is the most dreadful thing that human beings in this era must be alert to. It is the contact with a ghost. This is very important matter.
 People must be alert to the contact with ghosts. When I met a person and talked about this worry, the person said that what has been spreading fastest – faster than scary infectious diseases – is the very contact with ghosts. However, nobody is alert to and be fearful of it. What is worse, they are exposing themselves in front of ghosts. What will happen if the contact with ghosts is made?
 If a ghost makes contact with a person, the loss of self is brought about. The loss of self causes the person to make wrong judgment or to speak strange things when the person looks at and talk about a thing. People must be well aware of this.
 Then how is the contact with ghosts made? It is done through energy. In other words, when people are in defenseless states against the contact with ghosts the energy can enter human bodies or consciousness.
 Trying to explain easily by taking a practical example, studios of Qi(energy, 氣) or Dan(丹, a kind of meditation) and fortune-teller houses(Saju(四株) philosophy centers) have been sprung up everywhere only in South Korea in the world since 1970. Before then, there weren’t many of them in Korea. After 1970, the number of people who practice Qi(氣), practice Dan(丹), tell people’s fortune, do philosophy(Korean fortune tellers say that they do philosophy.) with Saju(四株, A way of fortune-telling), etc. has increased dramatically. Among them, the dangerous thing is philosophy. They don’t means philosophers but people who say that they can tell people’s Gil-Hyoong-Whoa-Bok(good things, bad things, misfortunes, and fortunes, 吉凶禍福) with Saju.
 The ghosts which shamans are possessed by are seldom bad. While shamans tell Gil-Hyoong-Whoa-Bok in the state of being possessed by gods(神), those who do Saju philosophy can collect ghosts and put them into people. The next scary one is Qi(氣) training. The place where Qi training takes place is no better than the place where people give their bodies and consciousness away to ghosts. If people go to the places for a long time and do as they are told, their consciousness will change. And so will their behaviors. The following scary one is Dan(丹), which causes people to have plenty of contact with ghosts by practicing it.
In order to confirm whether this is true or not, it will be possible when we verify if those people are possessed by ghosts. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to recognize the fact of being possessed by ghosts. It is because ghosts are invisible to human beings’ eyes. Therefore, people in this era must be very careful of and be alert to those who do Qi(氣), practice Dan(丹), and Saju(四株) philosophy. To people who have had contact with ghosts, there will be more dreadful phenomena than general diseases. The contact with ghosts ruins not only physical bodies but also consciousness which is much more important than bodies. That is, The contact ruins people’s souls. However, people are not alert to the contact because they don’t understand this thing very well.
For example, let’s try to confirm what effects Saju(四株) philosophy has on people. On April 17th, 1998 which is said to be a good day by Saju(四株) philosophy, let’s assume that we plant a seed of a bad wild persimmon. Will good persimmons come from the seed of persimmon whose origin is bad just because the seed in planted on the very day. Absolutely not.
All the things in the world are bound to take place by the law of cause and effect. Good fruits(results) come out from good land(foundation) and good seeds(origin). This is what is. What is what is? It is the truth. We call this the truth.
People go to Saju(四株) philosophy centers to name their children newly born by paying fifty thousand wons or hundred thousand wons. However, just calling a sweet potato a watermelon sweet potato cannot change the sweet potato into the watermelon sweet potato accordingly. Whether names change or become better is no good. Good origins and good ground result in good fruits. That is, only when we sow ‘good seeds’ in ‘good soil’ and grow them well, there will be ‘good sweet persimmons’ or ‘good watermelons’.

What Exists In Life
What exists in life is a way of making Gil-Hyoong-Whoa-Bok(good things, bad things, misfortunes, and fortunes, 吉凶禍福). If we find good things and practice them, neither names nor Saju(四株) matters but things become better naturally and good results take place.
If we meet bad things to keep bad company, bad results and troubles occur all the time. This is the very thing of the world. We have to learn in order to know what is. What can we do from learning what doesn’t exit? Those who like something stupid and awkward will come to be caught up in strange happenings.
It must be fully understood that being caught in strange happenings causes the self-loss and makes the biggest blessing in life abandoned. Stupid things must never be done. Whether someone is stupid or not is revealed by what is.
I said that what we must be most alert to and be most careful of is the contact with ghosts(When human beings are alive, they have souls in themselves and when they die, the souls come out of their bodies and we call them ghosts). Not all the souls are alike. The quality is differently respectively. Just as people have all kinds of characters, the souls, the essences of the people, have the causes of all the kinds of characters.
If the souls have contact with the consciousness of those who are alive, their characters become to appear from the people.
The reason why Buddha tried to teach people the law of cause and effect so much was wanted them to enlighten themselves about their ignorance and to think highly of what is. That’s why he dedicated all his life to telling things of the world to ordinary people. He left words which are famous the moment he passed away. “I have never said my own words.” He meant that he had said what is. While he was travelling around, he talked about lots of things and tried to inform people of what is many times, why did he say that he had never talked about his own words? It is that he did explain not about his thoughts but about what is. This is a very important point. You have to know the fact that ordinary people are saying not what is but their own thoughts. In this sense, we can confirm how big love and light Buddha’s teaching can be to the human world.

Destiny Of The World, Nations, and Individuals
Through this law of cause and effect, nothing in the world is impossible to achieve. Everything has appeared and disappeared by this law. And seen through this law, the world itself is the creator. In the structure the world has, activities continue to happen in a variety of phenomena of the world and new things come into being due to these activities. A substance is created or a living creature comes out of there.
If this is denied, the conclusion that the earth will disappear soon is just made. However, the earth has always existed before us and will never disappear. It is because things exist under one law and the law continue to occur and move by the activities of all the things just in front of us. According to this law, the rise and fall of things is determined. Today, why have things been getting hard in this country? Korea could have become the richest and the most powerful country in the world. However, this society and the people haven’t thought highly of this law of cause and effect and hence ignorance and wrong things by this ignorance have become influential. That is why there have become to be today’s difficulties in this society.
People’s destinies are respectively decided by the fundamental cores(根本, the essence) which exist in them. This core means the fruit which is formed by the In-Yeon(因緣, Relationship made in the past) which people had had in their lives respectively. That is, the core is what people carry with at their birth and is what exists inside their consciousness. Then, where does this thing that exists in consciousness come from? It is obtained from a life in reality. Gaining a thing from a life in reality means getting it in circumstances.
We call the society where we live our foundation. If a society is good, it is good for those who have good consciousness to do activities but if it is bad, those who have bad consciousness come to be active. What is itself is a problem and its very answer. A thing(what is) comes into being by what happens and the activities of what is make what happens come into being endlessly. What is is the foundation and what happens is the fundamental core. These come to be formed by the activities of the existing things. The results which are made by the activities are called phenomenon. All the things from all the happenings Which we see and experience during our lives appear by what is in the law of cause and effect.

What Exists And The Origin Of Life
You might become to feel a little why the law of cause and effect is so important in our lives. People guess that a creator made the world and human beings. Of course, I don’t absolutely deny the guess that this profound and mysterious world was created by someone. It is because we can see and confirm really surprising phenomena.
It is the activities of the earth itself that were the origins of all the living things. That is, the world’s activities were the causes which cause all the things to exist. For example, human activities built rockets and conquered the moon.
The creator did not make the rockets but the endless activities of human beings made the rockets and landed them on the moon. We ourselves exist by the very activities of the world.
All the results we want exist in the single truth. We have to know the fact that a person who is good what the person is alive is still good after death. Similarly, when a tree did lots of good activities, it can input plenty of good things into its fruits.
And it is not restricted to just these fruits but it continues in the next generation. The good fruits can cause good activities and good fruits will be harvested again. Therefore, once a person attains the enlightenment and comes to understand the law of cause and effect, anybody can become a great person during endless lives.


 Is Justice alive? Throughout the long history, the word justice has existed in human society. People do not know how important justice is for human society. That is, there are very few people who know exactly about justice and what roles it plays in human society. That is why there have been cases where justice was missing or never saw the light.
Justice Is The Light To Brighten Society
The definition of justice is the light which brightens human society. It has been observed that in a society which justice was missing, a wide variety of odd phenomena were taking place. For example, in the society, injustice and corrumption spread and venal officials gained power. Thus, fraud, trickery and falsehood became so rampant that the societies came to be onto the road to collapse. Societies where justice stood right could be free of such bad things as injustice, corruption, venal officials, etc.
If we forget justice, our society can never make a bright society in any ways. This means that justice is the essential teaching in human society. However, very few people are properly aware of justice so it has never been explained or taught. Fifty years after this country was founded or five thousand years after this people settled down this land, it is not too much to say that it is the first time to discuss the definition of justice and announce it .
Cruel Politics Is Scarier Than A Tiger
People have not yet realized obviously that, no matter how many laws are established to make a society a good world, a phenomenon occurs that it causes the life in human society to be much harder if it is done in a society without justice. Let’s give an example from an old Chinese story in order to show how hard it is to live in a society without justice.
In an old state of Lu(魯), one day Confucius and his disciples were crossing a remote mountain when they hear a woman’s plaintive cry. Confucius sent a disciple, Zilu(子路) to find out why she was crying so sadly.
Zilu said to her, “Why are you crying sadly alone in this remote mountain?”
She said, “This area is really dreadful. Several years ago, my father-in-law was killed by a tiger, last year my husband, and a few days ago my child was taken away. Hence, I built them graves and am crying.”
Zilu said, “If so, why don’t you live along with people in a village but live here to have had such terrible things?”
Zilu got an unexpected answer from the lady. “In this remote mountain, there are tigers but no corrupt officials.”
Here comes an old story that when Confucius heard the whole story he left the teaching, ‘Corrupt officials’ tyranny is much scarier than tigers.’
In a society where justice is properly kept, quality of peope is so high that corruption or injustice cannot be observed. In this world, there are such countries. On the contrary, there are much more countries where people are suffering from the loss of justice.
Must Follow Reasons
I feel very sorry whenever I see our society. It is because, even though our society is getting worse and worse, nobody is to reaveal the truth and even knows about the truth itself.
These days newpapers are full of feature articles of 50th anniversary of the country and lots of television shows with the catchphrase, let’s establish a new country are on. However, with all these phrases they just put forward their own thoughts and claims.
The point that we note here is the fact that there is a meaning in the world and the world moves by the meaning. The meaning is formed by what exists in reasons and appears. Hence just suggesting their own thoughts and claims with reasons in the world disregarded is nothing less than stupid people’s behaviors.
If justice stands upright in our society, nobody can claim their own thoughts or what they don’t know in public.
In order to raise quality in human beings, we must not disobey the meaning of the world and ignore what is in reasons. However, today our society does so.
Justice reveals what is and things of human society. Justice is needed most for the continuation of human society.
Nothing is achievable in a society without justice. When we drive cars, if drivelines are missing they will never move. The same is true of justice in human society. Justice creates great power in societies of state. In other words, it is the essence which becomes the driving force of the power.
Living with justice forgotten is the same with abandoning all the hopes that we are to live righteously. If societies ignore justice and don’t get it upright, those who have great abilities cannot perform proper roles.
In societies where there is no justice, the difference between right and wrong disappears and then the societies are ruled by men of power.
In society with justice, rulers must consider the publice. However, without justice they don’t care about the public because laws in such societies are used not for revealing for truths but as the tools for their ruling. In those societies, incompetent people gain power by flattering the powerful. In that way, those societies become worse gradually. We must pay attention to these kinds of things.
Reality Of Our Education System and Teachings
Justice is defined as the light which brighten a society. It means that, if justice disappears in a society, the society is in the cover of darkness. In the darkness, what can we see and what can we learn? In the darkness, we always think of dreamy, illusory things and keep them in our minds. In a society of no justice, how can people be properly educated and how can enterprises be operated?
Newspapers and broadcasting stations say that the quantitative expansion of Korean education system has been biggest in the world for the past 50 years. They also emphasize that Korean education system has produced the most studetns who were highly educated. In other words, the most graduation certificates have been received. By the way, I want to ask what was taught during the process that such many studetns received the gradaution certificates. It cannot be guaranteed that students who received education in the state of not understanding properly what exists can take on certain duties and accomplish them properly, even though they got degrees. How can we entrust the students who are unaware of what is with taskes? People say recklessly, “Does justice feed us?” “Does truth feed us?” If we stay in the darkness and are not aware of what is, how can we hope that we will lead righteous lives? It is definitely impossible.
Morality and Conscience
Through newspapers or broadcasting, various groups or organizations are shouting the words, morality and conscience. By the way, in a society where justice has been missing, how can there be someone who knows about morality and conscience? On this land, nobody has taught morality, which makes it impossible to be those who are aware of morality. People have said that we must always think higly of morality but they have never taught morality itself.
In the ethics textbook of elementary school, there is the content of Admiral Lee Soon Shin. The fact that he went forward to fight against the enemy for the country can be a teaching but such teaching cannot make morality understood.
People know that western philosophy and eastern philosophy are different. When philosophers are asked to tell the definition of philosophy, most of them hesitate about answer. It is because even they have never learned from someone who clearly knows about philosophy. The same is true of morality. From those who have never learned about morality, how can we ask for it?
In a dictionary, morality is Do-Duk(道德, dàodé) in Chinese characters. Do(道) means a way and Deok(德) virtue. Morality means to make human ways through righteous behaviors. What is Deok(德)? It means right behaviors. Right behaviors can remain great things in human society. This is moraltiy.
Western people call it love and eastern people call it Do-Deok(道德). The difference in words which comes from respective environments or teachings is a matter of expression.
To leave good teachings in the world through right behaviors is blessing. That is, the definition of love is blessing and so is that of Do-Deok(道德).
For better understanding, in English, 5 is pronounced five and in Korean, ‘Da-Seot’. It is a matter of terminology. It is correct to say that Love and Do-Deok(道德) have the same meanting but the different terms. It has always been in human history that Do-Deok(道德) is lost in a society without justice. In a state of no justice, how can people know what is correctly and without knowing what is correctly how can people achieve it properly? It is the hope for those who want to live good lives that in human society justice must be alive.
A Society would rather do without laws. Although there are no laws, if justice is alive in the society fraud, trickery, injustice and corruption never occur because all the members think highly of conscience. However, if there isn’t justice in the society, no matter how many laws there are and no matter how high panelties there are, injustice and corruption will be unceasing, venal officials will gain power, and fraud, trickery and falsehood will become rampant. In such a society, it is really hard for a just person to do big things and those who are wrong ruin the society with their own thoughts. These things have been observed in the history of the past and the present society and in the future any societies can experience them.
Our society’s biggest unhappiness is that the members don’t have the proper understadnings of justice and the Do-Deok(道德).


The word, karma, has been passed on from the past, but today there are very few people who are exactly aware of what karma is. What do we call karma and what is karma like?
Karma is something that exists in people’s fundamental core which moves them. Let’s examine in detail how this karma in the core is made. Karma is made by what has been in the self. Then the understanding of how what has been in the self can cause this thing to come into being is really important. This means that what people have done is inputted in consciousness.
Now we have no choice but to look into nature in more detail.
In every phenomenon which occurs in nature, all the things are inputting what has been in them into their seeds. Human beings are beings with consciousness. They input whatever they have done into their consciousness. And this consciousness serves for a soul and when the soul meets its death, it becomes the independent being by being separated from its physical body. If the consciousness in this soul disappears, the soul comes to be born as a new life soon. However, it is not that although the consciousness disappears what was in the past becomes extinct. That is, the consciousness disappears but what has existed still remains in the soul. These complex things which remain in it cause continuous reactions. To continuously try to keep forever what has been in the self is karma and its nature as well.
There are the only two meanings which make everything in the world exist. The world exists by these two meanings.
One is the law of cause and effect. It is by this law that the phenomena that things are getting better or worse occur. The other one is reincarnation. Reincarnation means that everything is repeating itself. What exists causes such continuous phenomena of repetitions that these phenomena become to exist. The past, the present and the future are rotating endlessly.
Our life exists by this law and all the existing things are repeating their birth and death continuously by the law of cause and effect.
Once born in the world, things do not become extinct spontaneously but make efforts to keep their existence.  What exists in ourselves has such meaning that, once inputted, it does not disappear but comes to stay active under the lasting influence of the meaning.
According to what has been made to exist inside the self, the present life is different and so is the future life. In this way, what will exist forever in the self becomes different. Hence, what people should beware of most is building In-Yeons. If people build In-Yeons with bad things, something bad will occur there and if you build In-Yeons with good things, something good will occur. This is also the law of cause and effect.
  Karma exists in us by the law of cause and effect. As long as karma exists, we cannot get out of its control. No matter how much they try to live rightly or to do a good thing, what the people with big karma practice, far from  making oneself better, spoils even other people and their attempts for making themselves better always afflict themselves.
It is because they need good origins in them but do not have such good ones that it is very rare for good things to occur to them. In such cases, enlightenment can only influence them. Without enlightenment, they can on no condition defy the commands of the karma that exists in them. These phenomena can be observed any amount around us and they are very important to human life. Therefore, without enlightenment, nobody can get out of these things.
Natural law is strict. As 2+2 cannot be 1 or 5, in mathematics, what exists in the truth does not change. It never changes. That is why we say that the most important thing in our lives is enlightenment.
If someone has 60% of what they have done, which has let good results happen in people by their doing good things, and 40% of mistakes which have been unconsciously made because of their ignorance, they can suppress their feelings and bad temper. And they can correct bad things with their efforts. However, if the percentage constituents are reversely 40% and 60%, it is very difficult to do good things. It is because the power of bigger karma than that of the good self becomes obstacles. The reason why there are lots of problems that appear in our society is that the society doesn't accept that this karma is formed by what happened in the past.
How is karma formed? It is created by what is in the self. Then, how is karma made? It is made by words and behaviors. Behaviors can make karma and so can words.
What kind of karma is made by words? To tell what recklessly we don’t know about becomes karma. Lies become things which ruin other people as well as ourselves. This is the very karma that words make. Therefore, Buddha’s disciples who learned properly wrote like this on the first page, “I heard like this.” Buddha as an enlightened being explained the world of karma to his disciples. When the disciples delivered what they heard from Buddha, they were afraid that they might convey Buddha’s teachings wrongly. This fear made them write ‘I heard like this.’ in order not to take the responsibility. They did so because they were not enlightened beings and so did not see the world obviously. However, today’s people don’t say so. They say like they know what they do not know clearly.
Let’s have a look at things of the world through practical problems. Those who are good at farming to harvest good fruits and make profits are good farmers. If so, these people must be professors in colleges of agriculture. That makes students who work well. Why? It is because those who work well are right people. When students learn right people they can become right people. When they learn from those who work well they can also work well. It is not important whether or not professors of departments of engineering graduated from famous institutes of technology in the United States. If those who have outstanding talents in the areas of engineering become professors in universities, they can pass down their talents to others. That can make their learners become competent in engineering fields.
However, that is not the case in our society. When it comes to teaching economy, nothing else is necessary. We confirm which people have overcome hard circumstances and difficult conditions, have been successful in life, and have become those who have no problems and appoint them as professors in the department of economy. Then, those professors will be able to teach students how to make money and how to live well. In our society, tens of thousands of teachers are teaching students in schools but it is quite doubtful how many of them have worked properly in their majors. Hence, it is not wrong to think that this bad education has ruined people’s consciousness. Consequently, people have gained karma from school. This is why there are plenty of karma and lots of problems in our society.
As mentioned above, when people make mistakes to do bad things to the self or others, the mistakes are called bad karma. And if what they do unconsciously or due to poor knowledge harm other people, it is also called bad karma. If people keep doing those things, what phenomena will occur to them? To them, endless misfortune continues to arise.
Here, we must have the understandings of why these things influence the future endlessly. Through analyzing closely a human consciousness(a ghost), we can find that the consciousness is input on a gas substance. When the consciousness moves the gas, the gas is like being alive. That is, it express its intentions through seeing, feeling, and behaving and in a certain amount of time, it gets old and the consciousness disappears from it. The reason why a consciousness(a ghost) appears to be alive vividly is that attachment is active in the consciousness. It keeps moving and being active in order not to die, which is said to be the same as being alive. The gas under this kind of condition becomes extremely cloudy, which means that the quality of the gas is very bad.
When the consciousness becomes extinct in the gas, it will become the origin of a new life and be born with the things in it which cause the same consciousness that existed in the previous self. When the soul is resurrected, the power of its life comes from the consciousness which is thought to have disappeared. It means that the soul has just lost its memory and has still the origin which causes activities. This is how the present is affected by the past and the future by the present.
Things once formed don’t disappear easily. As long as they are active, they don’t become extinct. If the consciousness of the gas is not active, it will die. However, it is impossible to live with no thoughts and activities. There are no substances which are not influenced by reality. The same is true of souls. The difference between souls and grains is that souls encounter a couple of different worlds. They are heaven, hell, etc. The world of life is the world where we live, the world of result is the world after death, and the world of origin is the world where there is nothing. Living things continue to go through these worlds. In the world of origin, there is nothing. Even ghosts cannot go into this world. The enlightened beings who are alive can only enter this world. If a consciousness can go to a world, the world is a living world but the world of origin is neither a living world nor a dead world. The world where there are not any souls is called the world of origin or the world of birth. The world  where all the things are born. All the happenings are visible from the world.
In-Yeon creates karma and karma creates new In-Yeon. Those whose karma is big become angry when they hear of the truth. The truth does not match them so repulsion comes into being in them. Those whose karma is medium doubt about the truth. Those who have no karma become delighted with the truth. They say, “That’s it. Right! His teaching is great.” Therefore, trying to teach and enlighten those who have much karma only causes doubts and disputes. This is because the activities of the big karma prevent right things accepted.
What we must think highly of is that we have to learn from someone who properly knows what is. That is the way to learn what is. We have to learn from a person with good consciousness rather than with a good educational background. There has been Confucianism in our society. Confucianism is an ideal study. People have but to memorize things in it. And even after new studies were introduced in our society, people’s good memory has help them to be judges, prosecutors, administrative officials, members of the National Assembly, professors, and leading people of our society. However, we cannot say that those who have good memory have good consciousness. People whose brain activity is good can read several books during one evening and put what they read into their consciousness. When they try to solve examination questions, they just can recall the proper things from their consciousness. Some can win the first place in the Highest Civil Service and Public Administration Examinations and others can have good academic records to be university professors or leading people of our society.
Much to our regret, these people haven’t had enough contacts with the reality of our society. That causes them to undergo lots of trials and errors and to make false stories to hide their trials and errors. Making stories itself is building karma. To say words which we are unaware of or to tell lies by mistakes is forming karma. This karma passes down to ourselves from a life to the next. This is why the activities of our karma continue taking place.
If people want the way to escape from this kind of unhappiness, they have to build good karma by learning how to be helpful to other people and passing it on. What becomes blessing is good karma and what damages others is bad karma. It is right not to build bad karma but to learn and practice love. This is the very way to save ourselves.
When it comes to this world of karma, we come to feel yet again how important things in reality are. We often meet unbearable incidences in reality. However, we must not get out of our head what results what we do brings about.
No matter how much people are taught, those whose origins are bad are bound to live wrongly. In the meantime, those who have good origins are bound to be excellent, even though they are not taught.
We have to confirm these kinds of things through history. In history, there are lots of things we are unaware of. And such things keep taking place repeatedly. As things in human consciousness happen repeatedly, so do things in history. Therefore, what we cannot observe in reality can be seen in history.
The reason why people cannot live well and righteously, although they try to do so, is that their will power is weak. Why is their will power weak? It is because their karma is big. What exists in the world doesn’t exist without any reasons. It has existed through In-Yeons. All the things in the self as well as in the world come into being by In-Yeons and no In-Yeons can make anything exist. If a persimmon seed had fruited bad wild persimmons, they will continue to fruit bad wild persimmons. That is the reason why bad wild persimmons exist in the world and the same is true of well-grown sweet persimmons. People have to know about these kinds of things.
What is karma? We must not answer that karma is karma. Karma is what comes into being by what happens to me and comes to exist in the origin of my life. Where did this karma in my life come from? It came from what has happened to me in the past.
We have to know that, because karma once formed doesn’t disappear easily, the karma made by our mistakes will be punished hundreds times. Karma itself has attachment and that is why karma doesn’t disappear easily.
Those who wasted their life like a playboy or by drinking alcohol in the past cannot live righteously in their present life. They repeat the same behaviors as they did in their past life. No matter how much money they inherit, they will soon waste their fortune and fall into a difficult situation. Only after then, they can quit doing so. The problem is that, even though they cannot do the same things in their present life because of the difficult circumstances, the fundamental matter isn’t solved. When they are born in the future, they will do the same bad behaviors. Like this, things repeat themselves. In the end, they will be completely ruined.
The gamblers in the past spend their present lives in gambling places. They do so because that is included in what they did. Those who were good artists in the past become artists. They come to draw well even though they don’t learn how to draw. It is possible because such a thing is inside them. Therefore, from now on people have to think of what kinds of people they will become.
The way to get out of karma is not making karma and causing good things to exist in the self by doing good to people. If I do good things, it doesn’t end there. The biggest reason why Sakyamuni attained the supreme enlightenment was that he could suppress his karma because he had practiced good karma for a long time. When his bad karma became small enough and his good karma became big enough, he was born to be an enlightened being. Those whose good karma is big can overcome difficult circumstances, no matter how difficult they are. If their origins are good from their birth, they have the strong power of life to show the wisdom that makes it possible for them to live well.
To know correctly what exists is enlightenment. The bigger enlightenment is, the more good karma can be built. It is really difficult to build good karma without enlightenment.
In order to explain thing of the world, cause and effect and reincarnation cannot help being referred. It is because they are the origins of all the things. The origin of life comes from what is, the origin of karma comes from what is, the origin of reincarnation comes from what is, and the origin of cause and effect come from what is. All the existing things come from what is.