Monday, 2 March 2015

What is 'a seeker after truth'?

I learned as below.
What is ‘a seeker after truth’?
The seeker is the one who attains the enlightenments about things in the world through learning and understanding them, and makes herself/himself better by practicing the enlightenments in the world.
The seeker abandons five desires(desire for fame, desire for money, desire for sex, desire for meat, and desire of alcohol), and has diligence, frugality, and honesty in her/his life. The seeker stays away from physical and spiritual pleasure and her/his every single word and behavior must not be against the reason. These things are not the codes of conduct as symbolic meanings which someone created. A body and a mind in the five desires cannot see things of the world as they are. The life without diligence, frugality and honesty is not the life of the seeker.
The way of the seeker is lonely, arduous, and difficult. Especially, the life without ‘Do-Ban’(the one who walks along the same way, a true friend) is much more so. This is because the seeker’s life doesn’t pursue desires and pleasure neither share her/his affection with others and, thus, isn’t welcomed by people. Furthermore, that is because, even though people hate to stay together, the seeker’s life tries to approach them more closely instead of staying from them.