Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Knowing proplerly

 If you are curious as to whether you are aware of something, think about the example of addition. If you can do it as easily and well as addition, it means that you are aware of it. If not, you are deluding yourself that you know it.
 Knowing properly is important indeed. It is because you can avoid ruining yourself as well as other people concerning a thing if you know it properly. Furthermore, you can make yourself and others better existence.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Knowing the definitions of words

 I have written about the conflict as an undergraduate with a professor of philosophy over the definition of philosophy. The professor who were unaware of the definition of philosophy and was teaching philosophy. The reality is that this is not only applied to the professor but to almost all the people in the world.
 People can protest, 'How on earth can people know everything?' However, if they know the fact that their words and behavior can change their present and future, they will not be able to say so. Furthermore, if people, who teach others or have effects on others socially, politically, economically, etc., are unaware of the definition of what they are doing, this is a serious problem.
 Long ago, Socrates in Athens of Greece is recognized as one of the four greatest teachers of the human races, only by the fact that he could realized that he knew nothing.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Is life a blessing or anguish?

 There is a sentence in Buddhism, 'humans are born with nothing and pass away with nothing.' It means that we should not be greedy for things. However, it is not true. Humans are born with certain levels of truthfulness, wisdom, conscience, courage, etc. which were acquired in their past lives. And they die with changed levels of them through things in their present lives.
 Humans live from the birth to the death. Someone says life is a blessing and someone says life is anguish. Why is life a blessing? It is because life is a chance that humans can make themselves better existences. Why is life anguish? It is because almost all the people live chasing after desires. Desires are endless. Unfulfilled desires give humans anguish.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Intent and Practice

The intent to do something is different from actually practicing it.
Although people have the intent to do it, the practice is impossible if they do not know how to do it.
Although they are aware of how to do it, the practice is also impossible if they do not possess willpower and endeavor to achieve it.

The purpose of life

The purpose of human life is becoming a better person.
For this objective, humans do various things according to what exists inside them and their circumstances. According to the results of their behavior, some achieve the goal and the others do not.
To be sorry, most people are born, live, and die while they are unaware of the objective of life. Whether they know the purpose or not, humans produce their own results from their life. Those who are unaware of what the goal of life is or how they can achieve the goal through things they do, understandably, cannot achieve the goal of life.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

The one who want to be a friend but cannot hardly to be a friend

We call the one, who can see and say what exists in the world as it is, a true person. A true person is ready for being a friend with everybody in the world and tries to be a friend. Unfortunately, however, a true person who can be the best friend is the one that it is the hardest to be a friend. Probably, it is because people cannot bear their truth.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

True Teaching

  A wise man met a person who said to do the study of becoming a Taoist hermit with miraculous powers(神仙).
  "Does the real Taoist himself come and teach the study?"
  "Then, is there anyone who has become a Taoist hermit with miraculous powers(神仙) through the study?"
  "Not yet."
  "The real Taoist does not directly teach the study. Nobody has become a Taoist through the study you are doing. How can you be sure that your study is the study of becoming a Taoist hermit with miraculous powers(神仙)?"

  This is a true story. And lots of things which are more ridiculous than this are taking place in reality.
  The true teaching is bound to make the teaching itself appear in those who are learning the teaching.

  When you meet numerous organizations or people who are spreading various teachings, why don't you recall the above story?