Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Facts, Information, and Knowledge

 2023. 03. 29. Wed.

 We often hear that we should read a lot of books. But I can hardly hear an explanation as to why we need to read a lot of books.

 Here are three words: facts, information, and knowledge.

 Facts refer to everything that exists in the world.

 Information refers to news or data that a certain fact exists.

 Knowledge is a collective term for the information that exists in the world that is accepted into oneself.

 It is a fact that exists in the world, but if no one has discovered the fact, the information about the fact does not exist. Also, among countless pieces of information, those that are not accepted as one's own are not knowledge.

 The saying that we need to read a lot of books needs a little correction. In other words, it should be said that we should read a lot of books that contain 'correct information'.

 There is so much misinformation out there in the world. If you accept wrong information, you put wrong knowledge in yourself. The thoughts and judgments we make are based on the knowledge that exists within ourselves. For this reason, it is very difficult for those who contain false knowledge to make proper thoughts or judgments.

 The unfortunate thing is that in today's world, it is very difficult to find a way to distinguish between correct information and incorrect information.

Sunday, 26 March 2023

A Grim Reality

 It's a grim reality indeed.

 Although it is a common problem for almost all mankind today, especially the members of this nation have a weak conscience, which is the light that illuminates them. Since the light that illuminates them is weak and it is dark, they themselves do not know what they are doing.

 Also, although it is a common problem in almost all societies today, especially in this country, justice, the light that illuminates society, has almost disappeared. The light that illuminates society is weak and dark, so it is impossible to see what is going on in this society.

 Because people are dark and society is dark, they do not know what they are doing or what is happening in society, so people are only chasing after desires or ideals. Any tool or means that can satisfy their desires or ideals is considered good, and anything contrary to it is considered evil.

 This situation is getting worse as time goes by, so the future of this country is really bleak.

Friday, 16 December 2022


 Lao Tzu said that when a person with low level of consciousness hears the truth, he curses, when a person with intermediate level of consciousness hears the truth, he is dubious, and when a person with high level of consciousness hears the truth, he rejoices.

 There are good and bad sides to everything in the world. The supreme enlightenment has the highest value in itself, but at the same time it must face the worst frustration.

 Enlightenment is the thing which enables people to live a better life. The enlightened person does the work of telling people the way to attain enlightenment. The enlightened one is cursed by the majority of people, who have low levels of consciousness.

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Ability to discern

 The ability to discern things or facts in life is an essential element. However, in order to discern something, you must have the ability to see things as they are. You have to be able to see, so you can accurately recognize what you want to discern and find the exact criteria that make discernment possible.

 It is so difficult to find someone with the right discernment ability in reality. Because people live their lives chasing their desires or ideals, they try to see what exists and discern it based on criteria from their desires or ideals.

Thursday, 17 November 2022

Living is like solving a math problem

 Said the teachers of humanity.

 "Life is like solving a math problem."

 First, identify the problem as it is. Find a formula that is appropriate for solving the problem you have identified. Based on that formula, find the answer using appropriate tips.

 Anyone who has done some math knows this, but it is not that difficult to find the answer if you understand the problem properly. In other words, finding out the problem as it is is the key to problem solving.

 Just as you have to know the problem accurately in mathematics, you have to be able to know what exists in life as it is. The problem is that it is so difficult to recognize the things that exist in the world as they really are. It is not easy to understand things as they are, even when you see things happening right in front of your eyes, as well as what you hear through any means or someone.

 In that sense, we must doubt about whether the things we think we know by hearing and seeing are consistent with the facts as they are. The things you know wrong make you make wrong thoughts and judgments about new things.

Wednesday, 12 October 2022


 What is truth? Truth means fact as it is.

 What kind of person is a true person? A true person is the one who sees facts as they are and can say them as they are.

 But just because you decide to live a true life doesn't mean you can do so. It is like, just because you want to become 10 centimeters taller doesn't mean you can grow taller that much.

 Why do you have to lie? It is because you can't see facts as they are. Because you do not know the truth, that is, fact as it is, what you say is bound to be a lie, not the truth.

 What does it mean to become a better person? it is that you make yourself truer. What is the way to make a better society? It is that more people make themselves become truer. However, in the present world, there is no interest in truth(fact) or the correct teaching of truth(fact).

Friday, 22 July 2022

Good Teaching and A Good Teacher

 The master said to a professor at a prestigious university in England.

 “There are no good teachings and no good teachers in England.”

 Then the British professor exclaimed that there are good teachings and many good teachers in England.

 Hearing this, the master asked him.

 “What kind of teaching is a good teaching, and what kind of a teacher does a good teacher refer to?”

 The professor didn't say anything.

 The master told him

 “A good teaching is a teaching that conveys what exists as it is, and a good teacher is a teacher who can teach what exists as it is.”

 From then on, the professor's attitude became more cautious.