Saturday, 12 February 2022

Knowing properly what names represent

 When a new fact or object is discovered or created, it is given a name. We use the name when talking about a fact or thing. The problem is that we often use names without properly knowing facts or things whose names represent.

 Science and technology in modern society are highly developed, but the mental part is seriously regressing. On the surface, it seems that the mental part has achieved as highly as science and technology have advanced, but in reality it is not true. The fundamental cause, as mentioned above, is that the name (word) is used without properly knowing the facts or things it refers to.

 Numerous beliefs, logics, theories, doctrines, and ideas have been created based on misunderstanding the names of the most basic things in human society (love, truth(Natural law), truth(facts), philosophy, religion, god, etc.). This is not different from the act of creating a formula by mistakenly reading ‘1’ as ‘2’ or ‘plus’ as ‘minus’ in the first step of creating a formula when creating a formula that describes a physical phenomenon that exists in the world.

Monday, 3 January 2022

The impossible is impossible.

 People who can see nothing live in ideals. If they live lives caught up in ideal thoughts that they do not know, they come to have hope that the impossible is possible. But it is impossible for the impossible to happen.

Sunday, 2 January 2022

Answer with problem

 There must be a problem to get an answer. The existence of a problem is indispensable in finding a solution. It is very dangerous to have an answer without a problem.

 If you create good problems, you will get good answers. But in today's world, there are very few people who want to make good problems. Rather, there are far too many people who only have answers without problems. This phenomenon will cause tremendous suffering to people in the future, and furthermore, will make their lives exist in darkness.

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Cause and Effect and Destiny

 Everything we encounter through the past, present, and future (results) is created by our words and actions (causes).
 One of the Great Teachers said that among all things that are experienced in the world, nothing is not due to causality. All the unexpected or unintended things that happen to you (effects) are ultimately the result of your words and actions (causes). It can be said that, after all, destiny is something you create, not anyone else.

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Truth, Natural Law

 Everything in the world is created, changed, and destroyed by the truth(Natural Law). The truth is the law of cause and effect. That is, given causes produce the corresponding effect. In fact, there is no need to call it a law. Simply the things that exist in the world (causes) create other things (effects).
 If there are things (effects) we want in our life, we can achieve them by creating the corresponding things (causes). The problem is that these things include good and bad, right and wrong. Of course, it would be most desirable to set a good result and create reasonable causes in the right way to achieve it. But this is really difficult and hard. You cannot see whether what you want is good or bad, and whether the way you create the proper causes for what you want is right or wrong, unless you can see things of the world for yourself, or learn how to see.

Tuesday, 16 November 2021


 In order to accurately measure length or weight, a correct ruler or scale is essential. Likewise, in order to properly judge things or affairs of the world, correct standards are essential.
 In today's reality, the above statement has become too meaningless. In most cases, the act itself of judging right or wrong about things or affairs of the world does not exist. Even when judgments about right and wrong are made, there is no standard or the wrong standard is applied.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Time isolated by everything

 I hope you can have your own time. It's a time of your own, not interfered with by any other being. But it won't be easy to do this. It is never easy to get away from not only beings around you, but also thoughts, emotions, and desires, etc. within yourself.
 In your own time, you will be able to see yourself a little bit better as you are.