Saturday, 27 August 2016

Don't be deceived by yourself.

Master said.
"Don't deceive and don't be deceived."
Among the contents of this teaching, I have one thing as homework.
"Don't be deceived by yourself!"
In my consciousness, the words and behavior remain as they are which I have done during my past lives and my present life. The problem is that the words and behavior will continue to appear in the future. This situation can be easily understood by taking an example of bad habits. Bad habits don't happen simply continuously but deceive me into doing the same things continuously. This is relevant not only to bad habits but seeing, hearing, accepting, judging, practicing, etc.
Then, how can we not be deceived?

For reference, wrong teachings end with just words but true teachings provide proper and concrete ways.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Teacher and student

No matter how great your master is and no matter how precious his/her teachings are, all the students can’t change for the better. Of course, although it is obvious that the possibility that you can become better gets bigger if you have a good teacher and good teachings, the results will be different, depending on how well the students understand the teachings and how hard they practice them with willpower and efforts.

For example, the fact that you know Buddha and have heard of his teachings doesn’t lead naturally you change for the better. You are familiar with an excellent math teacher and watch him solving some difficult math problems, which doesn’t mean that your math skills change for the better spontaneously. Just the chances that you can achieve your goals become bigger when you learn and understand properly and make efforts endlessly than when you don’t.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Buddha said,

Buddha said, "I haven't said my own words. I haven't said my own thoughts but have said what is." People don't say what is but their thoughts.

Causes and results

You must not forget that what you do is the causes of all the results you obtain.

Society and consciousness

Before a society perishes, the consciousness of people in the society gets ruined first.

True education

The true education gives enlightenments which help people to be able to see and understand problems present.

Stay awakened!

My master said, “Stay awakened all the time!”
He must have said so, because although we are awakened, we aren’t awakened. We aren’t recognizing exactly what words we say and what behavior we do. In extreme similitude, our words and behavior aren’t much different from somniloquence.
In general, people are indifferent to the results which their words and behavior will cause. Indifferent to what future they will give to people around them, their societies, their countries, the world and themselves as well. Simply, they are only interested in whether or not what they want, especially their desires, can be fulfilled.

What we say and behave becomes causes to necessarily produce corresponding results. The resolutions of words or thoughts, ‘I will live righteously,’ can never guarantee good results. Staying awakened all the time, we have to keep watching our words and behavior and try to prevent bad causes from happening or review the mistakes we make.