Friday, 12 December 2014

A good person

It is simple to distinguish a good person from a bad one. A good person is like a tonic. A tonic tastes bitter. Generally, medications which are good for the body taste bitter. A good person isn’t liked very much at the first sight. Something bad for the body tastes sweet. This fact must be discerned.
A good person doesn’t have any special interest in things of another person, because he is busy leading his own life. When people tell him that they have trouble in their lives, he comes and does things which are helpful to them. For one good thing, a good person never gives people irresponsible words. For another, if people don’t ask for his help, he doesn’t try to help them. A wise person doesn’t say that this is good and that is bad. However, when someone says to people, “This is good, that is beneficial, or if you try this you can make a fortune,” they are strange. It is because what they say can be quite dangerous.
In your lives, it is really difficult to distinguish between words of a good person and those of a bad one.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Like the movie, The Matrix

  Life is boring as well as mysterious. When I met a priest in Spain, I mentioned to him the movie, The Matrix. I told him that I had traveled to tell people the fact that they live in The Matrix.
  People consider someone strange, weird, or great, when he/she says or does something different or new from what they say or do. In the meantime, they are not even interested in someone, when he/she talks about the truths of them and their lives and talks about better lives.
  Whether to live with the understanding of the truth of the self, or without that of the truth of the self is the same thing as whether to know the existence of the matrix, or to live in the matrix without being aware of its existence. Moreover, like the character, 'Cypher', even though someone comes to know the truth, they want to go back to the time when they didn't know it. This is because truth is always bitter, hard, and painful.