Friday, 8 July 2016

A smart wordsmith lawyer

A lawyer who is said to be smart and a wordsmith was censuring politicians for their senseless behavior in a TV show. Although, as a lawyer, he might have a great deal of knowledge, actually he can't see the truths of politicians he was criticizing. What he was doing is like speaking ill of people who don't know the multiplication table and so can't multiply two large numbers and scolding thieves for their theft. In the states of not memorizing the multiplication table or not helping to enlighten thieves about the fundamental badness of theft, no matter how much they are criticized, nothing changes.
It is almost impossible for those, especially politicians, who have no conscience and justice to make sensible and objective judgments and put the judgments into action. Conscience is light in minds and justice is light in societies. They have no conscience and justice in their minds and societies so the total darkness prevents them from distinguishing right from wrong and good from bad. What is much worse, it is really difficult to find the teachings in today's world which cultivate conscience and justice.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Does bad behavior disappear?

If someone is punished for their crimes by law, do the crimes disappear? If someone repents of or says their prayers of remorse for their wrong behavior, does the behavior become extinct? Laws, tears of repentance, or victims' forgiveness cannot help something bad that they have done to vanish. What they have done wrongly remain in them forever to make them commit the same things repeatedly.