Friday, 2 October 2015

After finishing my trip to NYC

The travel to New York city from 14th of September to 30th of September was short but thick, just as my life motto is. The reality that I could not help quitting my trip in about two weeks was quite embarrassing and ended up leaving severe damage to me. However, I try to console myself in my failure with the fact that what I gained from the travel was much more than what I lost.
It was physically hard to meet people at Union Square but it was really great. Ten days at Union Square felt like just one moment. Among those who showed their interest in the subject of life, 90% was religious, 9.5% was mentally ill, and 0.5% was purely interested. The religious people spoke ill of me, the sick people made friends with me, and the rest took my mind and my business card.
I cannot write down here the reason why I had to quit my journey earlier than planned because I haven’t yet digested it fully. The one obvious thing is that I could enlighten myself about what has been vague to me so far and that it will make me much stronger.

As for money

Saturday seems to allow people to enjoy their time. Three men are taking a rest in front us with their bicycles laid down. Glimpsing at us a few times, one of them approached us and asked,
"What is this all about?"
"We are here to talk about important things in our lives with people."
"Money is the most important thing to me."
"Yes, money is important. However, it must not be the objective of your life and --"
"No. Money is the objective of my life. I pray for money every morning."
And then he went back to his place. Tathagata had commented on the importance of money. How people make money and spend it becomes the criterion of what they are like. Earning money diligently and honestly, and spending it frugally in proper places or on proper things is one important way to keep their lives from being ruined and to change them for the better.

A conversation with a Jew on 16th of September at Union Square in NYC

This is a conversation with a Jew.
Have you ever met jewish people?
I seem to have met some?
Jewish people who have close relationships with god are special people.
Why are they special?
Millions of Jewish people have been killed through the long history, but we still exist.
Oh, do you? By the way, Korea has been invaded many times through its long history and millions of Korean people have also been killed. What is the difference between the two peoples?
Um... Do you know why Korea has been invaded so many times?
First, you haven't answered my question and asked me another question. The reasons why Korea has been invaded so many times were different respectively.
It is because of God.
What? Right. People like you who believe in God always have the same answer, God. You have the determined answer in you and make all the problems fit into the answer. Answers must be different respectively depending on problems but your answer is always god. I will be here for about three months so please think about our conversation and come back to talk with me if you want to.