Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Money is very important in human life.
Money is a basic means of living. Without money in modern societies, it is nearly impossible to have the necessities of life. However, there is a much more important point. It is the matter of a means and an objective. Money is not an objective of life but a means of life.
To those whose objective is money, it is the best result to accumulate as much money as possible. For the result, they do not mind doing anything bad. This kind of blind pursuit is not only a complete waste of life but a way to ruin the self.
It is money as a means that is something that human beings must keep in mind. How money is earned and spent. The results of words and behavior related to this kind of matter of money have tremendous influences on the self.
Money is one of the biggest dangers which can ruin people, and at the same time the obvious and valid criterion that makes people observe their lives and manage them well.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Learning from a living teacher or from words

It is a really great thing to learn from teachers who can see and teach things of the world as they are. By the way, it is never easy to learn even simple things. Then, how difficult and hard is it to learn and master the best teachings which can make ourselves and the world change for the better and to have them our own? However, there is a more important thing than any other thing. It is the difference between learning directly from a living teacher and learning from words left by a teacher who passed away. Let's take an example of teaching, 'Live honestly.' In case that we learn directly from a living teacher, we can confirm from the teacher whether or not we live honestly by asking questions. However, in case that we learn with words, it is impossible to confirm if we live honestly. We can just guess what living honestly is like according to our own values or judgments.
The teaching of 'practice love' is the common teaching which mankind's great teachers taught. People are defining, teaching, or practicing 'love', depending on their own thoughts, not knowing what results their words and behaviors make through what process.


It is said that the one who was the wisest person in ancient Greece was Socrates. It is because the other people knew nothing but he knew the single thing that he knew nothing.
People believe that they know lots of things. Their beliefs, common senses, values, hopes, etc. By the way, if these things are all falsehood which is not based on fact, how unhappy, unfortunate, sad, etc.!
Those who have wisdom! Take a step backward and look at yourselves and the world.

Building Karma

People teach other people or solve others' problems, even though they don't know what they are doing. This is what builds karma in them.