Sunday, 27 November 2016

Standing on the street....

27th November, Sunday
Except for the matter of jet lag, standing on the street in the strong cold wind with holding a banner was not easy for the first a few days. Although we started this task with the determination that we receive punishment instead of people in the world, the suffering is yet again the unavoidable reality. I seemed to start to get accustomed to it yesterday(26th) and could pay attention to other things. I ponder over the fact that I am standing here for people and wait for saying hello, even when a passer-by gives just a glimpse at the banner.
The first question is mostly ‘what is Society of Natural Science?’ I have tried a few ways to answer the question. While I was looking for a better way to answer, I asked Jaeman to think over the answer. Soon he presented a good answer.
‘Society of Natural Science reveals the truths of things of the world and convey them to people in the world.’
The hardest part is the gibberish which those who are out of their mind are talking. Although I assure myself that I have to do my best to treat well everybody, there are no easy solutions against those who are talking gibberish with unfocused eyes and blowing cigarette smoke.