Wednesday 7 September 2016

Golden spoon and dirt spoon

 When I was a high school student, I had an argument with one of my elder sisters.
 "What's the use of me becoming a professor or a doctor? Even then, I am sure I am still agonizing what I'm agonizing now."
 "What a bullshit are you talking about? Be like a kid like the other kids! Like a kid!"
 I don't remember exactly what I was thinking about at the time but what is clear is that I didn't seem to have much interest in the so-called success.
 These days I often hear 'golden spoon (This is from the English expression, 'born with a silver spoon in one's mouth')' or 'soil spoon.' Most people are envious of 'golden spoon' and send sympathy to 'soil spoon.' However, this reality is something like putting the cart before the horse. The fundamental reason people want to be rich economically is that becoming rich seems to make them happier. Is it really the case?
 The best values in life are happiness and peace. How can we live with these two things? What makes this possible is diligence, frugality, and honesty. Understandably, it is really difficult for 'golden spoons' to practice the three things.
 Be a person who thinks it lucky to be in a state of poverty. If you can live, working hard keeping frugal, and speaking and behaving righteously, you will experience true happiness and peace.

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