Thursday 27 November 2014

INTRODUCTION V: The Definition Of A Word

  We use a lot of words without knowing the exact definitions of them. This fact is true not only to general people, but also to such people as professors, scholars, religious people, politicians, etc. For example, philosophers are not aware of the definition of philosophy, religious people are not aware of that of religion, or politicians are not aware of that of politics.
  In order to become better human beings, we have to know things of the world obviously and exactly. In order to know things of the world as they are, we have to know the precise and clear definitions of words.
  When you meet those who utter lots of flowery words or beautifully plausible words, please don't forget to ask them, "What is the definition of the word that you've just said?"
  Here in my blog, almost all the definitions of the words we are using will be presented.
  Please doubt about them and try to identify them.

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