Monday 24 November 2014

A Talk With A Philosopher

 Most people in the world are not different the professor below. But they do not know the fact.

 I majored in Mechanical Engineering at university. When I was in the third year of undergraduate, I visited the professor building of the department of Philosophy. I knocked on a door whose sign said somebody was in. The professor let me in and I asked him immediately.
 "What is Philosophy?"
He replied,
 "Your question is too broad to answer."
 "In general, is not that kind of answer an answer given by those who do not know the answer exactly?"
 At that moment, I had to leave his office, for someone visited him.
 A few days later, I went to him again and asked the same question.
 This time, I had a different answer than before.

 "What kind of philosophy do you want to ask? Socrates' philosophy or Kant's philosophy?"
 "Professor, is the answer to a math problem different in the West and the East?"

 "I am not asking Socrates' idea about philosophy or Kant's, but philosophy itself."
 Then he said.
 "Then what do you think philosophy is?"
 I told him the definition of philosophy that I knew. He said my answer was right. So I asked.

 "Professor, what are you teaching, then?"
 The question upset the professor and I was kicked out.

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