Saturday, 27 August 2016

Don't be deceived by yourself.

 Master said.
 "Neither deceive others nor be deceived by others."
 Some of the contents of this teachings still remain as homework to me.
 "Do not be deceived by yourself."
 In our consciousness, the words and actions we have made in our past lives and in our present lives remain intact. The product formed in this way is called karma. Karma manipulates words and actions in the future to make the same words and actions as those in the past be repeated. In other words, we are fooled by the karma, failing to do the right words and actions about the problems we are facing, and repeating the same words and actions as those in the past. In this way, we become to build up more karma.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Teacher and student

 Even if the best teacher teaches, or no matter how good the teacher's teaching is, not all who have been taught can achieve good results. Of course, it is clear that having been taught by a good teacher increases the chances of getting good results, but the outcome will depend on how well the person who is taught understands and practices the teaching well with will and effort.
 For example, if someone knows the presence of a Buddha and has seen his teachings, it doesn't automatically bring them good results. Or just being close to an excellent math teacher and watching him solve a difficult math problem doesn't lead to automatically becoming good at math. Only when we understand teachings and consistently practice them, there will be possibilities for good results.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Buddha said,

 Buddha said.
 "I don't say my thoughts. I say what exists as it is."
 People speak their own thoughts without telling what exists.

Causes and results

 Do not forget that what you do is the cause of all the results you get.

Society and consciousness

 People's consciousness is ruined before society is ruined.

True education

 True education is to give enlightenment to see and understand existing problems.

Stay awakened!

 The Master said,
 "Always stay awake!"
 This would not mean not to sleep. It is a reminder that people are not awake even though they are not sleeping.
 It is impossible to recognize what exists while sleeping. People are awake but not aware of what exists. It means that people's consciousness is in the state of sleeping. They do not recognize what they say or do or what happens in the world.