Tuesday 25 November 2014

INTRODUCTION I: The Term, ´What is'

 In general, the term, 'what is' is seldom used verbally and in letters. However, you will meet this term very frequently here in my blog and so I think I have to make the meaning of 'what is' understood obviously.
 Even though I said I had to explain about the meaning clearly above, most of the readers must be aware of the meaning. When we call or express a thing verbally or in letters, we have some different words for it. For example, we have the terms such as a friend, a companion, a buddy, a pal, a mate, etc. 'What is' is something that actually is or exists, and so it can also be expressed as a thing which exists, things which exist, a fact or a truth that exists, facts or truths which exist, what happened, what has happened, etc.
 If there is anybody that doesn't have the clear understanding of it, e-mail me here, bugunchoiblog@gmail.com or dungdanji@gmail.com.

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