Wednesday 3 January 2018

True Teaching

 A wise man met people who insisted that they were doing the study of becoming 'an immortal being(神仙).'
 "Does a real immortal existence come and teach the way of study?"
 "Then, is there anyone who has become an immortal being(神仙)' through the way of study?"
 "Not yet."
 "You said that a real immortal being does not directly teach the study and nobody has become an immortal existence through the way of study you are doing. Then, how can you be sure that your study is the study of becoming 'an immortal being(神仙)'?"
 This absurd story is a true story. And many more absurd things are happening in reality. True teaching should appear in those who are learning the teaching. When you meet numerous organizations or people who are spreading various teachings, why don't you recall the above anecdote?