Monday 24 November 2014

Begging 2

Do you feel every single second of life ticking and passing?
Are you conscious of every single word you utter and every single action in your conduct?
Can you identify the causes and effects of your every single word or act?
Your every single word or act at every single second has specific, practical, and clear causes and effects.
The life which you only spend fulfilling your five desires is meaningless, empty, and full of pains and anguish.
All of the pains and anguish are due to insufficient understandings of what is in life.
Things of the world are not achieved by your useless expectations, your fanciful desires, and your empty prayers.
There are obvious and concrete ways to make things of the world come into being.
The problem is whether or not you can find the ways, understand them, and turn them into actions.
Here is the teaching that makes it possible to solve the problem.
A man of courage: verify it.

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