Thursday 21 May 2015

Good Words

Certain words, although they seem great, plausible, or beautiful, cannot be good words. Whether the words are confirmed in reality should be the criterion of whether they are good words or not.
Words must represent what exists (objects or facts which exist) as it is. Vain words that are not based on what exists, though they may seem plausible or beautiful, make spirits unclear and so ruin people.

Monday 18 May 2015

Be on the alert.

Be wary.
Be wary of yourself who always loses to small bad habits.
Be wary of yourself kneeling to indolence.
Be wary of the ignorance that you know something.
Be wary of forgetting your truth, driven by a busy life.
Be wary of spending every single moment in your precious in vain.
Be wary of the desires of the flesh.

Be wary of the satisfaction you think is enough.

The difference between conviction and truth

How much does your confidence in people and things of the world match their truth (fact as it is)?