Friday 22 July 2022

Good Teaching and A Good Teacher

 The master said to a professor at a prestigious university in England.

 “There are no good teachings and no good teachers in England.”

 Then the British professor exclaimed that there are good teachings and many good teachers in England.

 Hearing this, the master asked him.

 “What kind of teaching is a good teaching, and what kind of a teacher does a good teacher refer to?”

 The professor didn't say anything.

 The master told him

 “A good teaching is a teaching that conveys what exists as it is, and a good teacher is a teacher who can teach what exists as it is.”

 From then on, the professor's attitude became more cautious.

Thursday 21 July 2022


 There is a clear difference between the words of those who can see things of the world and the words of those who cannot see things of the world. He who can see can confirm his words in the world, but he who cannot see cannot. When you want to know the truth of what someone says, you just have to check it in the world.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Belief after Confirmation

 In today's reality, the word 'belief' is familiar, but the word 'confirmation' is unfamiliar. If you emphasize 'fact confirming' in front of people, they blame your lack of belief. However, beliefs without confirmation can lead to unfortunate consequences. Confirmation must be performed before belief.
 Confirmation is difficult and arduous. Confirmation must be made on the basis of objective criteria that no one can deny.

Monday 18 July 2022

Repetition and Law of Cause and Effect

The world exists by the Repetition and the Law of Cause and Effect.

The Repetition refers to a phenomenon in which a seed grows and becomes a fruit, and the fruit becomes a seed again.

The Law of Cause and Effect means the phenomenon that according to all the causes the seed experiences, the corresponding fruit is produced.

Cause of Evil

 The cause of evil is ignorance.
 Because people are ignorant of the things that exist, they do not base themselves on the things that exist, but rely on their own thoughts to say and do wrong things that are different from the facts. These wrong words and actions lead to ruining ourselves and others.

Sunday 17 July 2022


 Achieving enlightenment about things which exist is the essential and ultimate goal of human beings to pursue in their lives.
 When a person becomes enlightened about one particular thing, it means that he or she has become a completely different person than he was before. The illiterate becoming literate by enlightening about letters is a good example

Saturday 16 July 2022


 People do not know how important it is to properly know what exists in the world. They do not try to know things of the world as they are and just speak and act depending on their own thoughts.