Tuesday 24 May 2016

The Law Of Cause And Effect - From 5th of Nature's Teaching

 People think that things of the world are created or controlled by the one with particular power. This has been possible in societies ruled by a politician or a dictator. However, the societies which have undergone these things had to pay tremendous cost for them. In a word, it is because politicians or dictators forced their ideas on people without being aware of things of the world.
 The law of cause and effect is the word that indicates the contents which reveal how things of the world come into being. If people come to know this law of cause and effect, they will obtain the results of avoiding doing badness and saving themselves from their ignorance for themselves.
 Then, what is the law of cause and effect?

 What Makes All The Things Come Into Being
 The law of cause and effect means a phenomenon which takes place in the situation where a certain happening meets a certain thing. For example, as copper is alloyed with lead, new metal with new features is formed or alloying platinum with copper results in different new metal with different new features. With these examples, we can explain about the law of cause and effect.
 And as certain land is planted with a certain kind of seed, what result is obtained, that is, good fruits are grown or bad fruits, applies to the law of cause and effect. In a word, the law of cause and effect is what exists in the truth which creates all the things in the world.
 However, when ordinary people hear that what exists in the truth is the law of cause and effect, they do not understand this because they are not fully aware of the truth. Even though they say by rote like a parrot that what exits in the truth is the law of cause and effect, it is nearly impossible for them to understand it.
 Let’s take an example to try to verify once again how the law of cause and effect is accepted and understood.
 When new metal is made by alloying platinum with copper, the new metal has a variety of features and they changes according to the combination percentage. The features of the metal which is made with the percentage of 60% of copper and 40% of platinum are different from those of the metal with the percentage of 40% of copper and 60% of platinum.
 Then, how does the law of cause and effect have to be seen in the truth? In the truth, 3X3 equals to 9. In the truth, 5+5 equals to 10. By the way, there are not only 3X3 or 5+5. There are 4X5, 6+2, etc. Hence, the law of cause and effect is built like mathematical formulas.
 If a result was not so much as expected, it would mean that all the matters are not solved which exist in the truth that makes it possible for me to gain what I want. In order for us to easily understand the law of cause and effect, we have to examine closely a principle, that is, how a certain thing makes a certain matter come into being.
 Then, what is this principle? To put it simply, it is said to be the same thing as a mathematical formula. What is a mathematical formula? 1+1 equals to 2 and 10+10 equals to 20. That is, results change depending on problems. When we talk about this, we call what makes this come into being a principle.
 A principle in the world makes a thing come into being by a formula. So countless matters exist in a principle and the countless matters appear and are solved by the single principle.
 It is a historical fact that Sakyamuni Buddha made great efforts to inform people of this thing. Then, why did he have to report this? It is because, if people understand this, they will awake from ignorance and so prevent themselves from falling into wrong places and from doing wrong things. It means that they can keep themselves safe against dangers or temptations in the world.

 Dreadful Ghosts’ Contact
 The reason why there are plenty of problems in the human world in this era is that this teaching doesn’t exist in people’s consciousness and these things are not publicly shown, taught, and understood. Therefore, due to a single matter, we have had to have arguments and conflicts and, further on, wars. It comes from the human world not being able to see and understand fully what is.
 What is the most dreadful thing that human beings in this era must be alert to. It is the contact with a ghost. This is very important matter.
 People must be alert to the contact with ghosts. When I met a person and talked about this worry, the person said that what has been spreading fastest – faster than scary infectious diseases – is the very contact with ghosts. However, nobody is alert to and be fearful of it. What is worse, they are exposing themselves in front of ghosts. What will happen if the contact with ghosts is made?
 If a ghost makes contact with a person, the loss of self is brought about. The loss of self causes the person to make wrong judgment or to speak strange things when the person looks at and talk about a thing. People must be well aware of this.
 Then how is the contact with ghosts made? It is done through energy. In other words, when people are in defenseless states against the contact with ghosts the energy can enter human bodies or consciousness.
 Trying to explain easily by taking a practical example, studios of Qi(energy, 氣) or Dan(丹, a kind of meditation) and fortune-teller houses(Saju(四株) philosophy centers) have been sprung up everywhere only in South Korea in the world since 1970. Before then, there weren’t many of them in Korea. After 1970, the number of people who practice Qi(氣), practice Dan(丹), tell people’s fortune, do philosophy(Korean fortune tellers say that they do philosophy.) with Saju(四株, A way of fortune-telling), etc. has increased dramatically. Among them, the dangerous thing is philosophy. They don’t means philosophers but people who say that they can tell people’s Gil-Hyoong-Whoa-Bok(good things, bad things, misfortunes, and fortunes, 吉凶禍福) with Saju.
 The ghosts which shamans are possessed by are seldom bad. While shamans tell Gil-Hyoong-Whoa-Bok in the state of being possessed by gods(神), those who do Saju philosophy can collect ghosts and put them into people. The next scary one is Qi(氣) training. The place where Qi training takes place is no better than the place where people give their bodies and consciousness away to ghosts. If people go to the places for a long time and do as they are told, their consciousness will change. And so will their behaviors. The following scary one is Dan(丹), which causes people to have plenty of contact with ghosts by practicing it.
 In order to confirm whether this is true or not, it will be possible when we verify if those people are possessed by ghosts. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to recognize the fact of being possessed by ghosts. It is because ghosts are invisible to human beings’ eyes. Therefore, people in this era must be very careful of and be alert to those who do Qi(氣), practice Dan(丹), and Saju(四株) philosophy. To people who have had contact with ghosts, there will be more dreadful phenomena than general diseases. The contact with ghosts ruins not only physical bodies but also consciousness which is much more important than bodies. That is, The contact ruins people’s souls. However, people are not alert to the contact because they don’t understand this thing very well.
 For example, let’s try to confirm what effects Saju(四株) philosophy has on people. On April 17th, 1998 which is said to be a good day by Saju(四株) philosophy, let’s assume that we plant a seed of a bad wild persimmon. Will good persimmons come from the seed of persimmon whose origin is bad just because the seed in planted on the very day. Absolutely not.
 All the things in the world are bound to take place by the law of cause and effect. Good fruits(results) come out from good land(foundation) and good seeds(origin). This is what is. What is what is? It is the truth. We call this the truth.
 People go to Saju(四株) philosophy centers to name their children newly born by paying fifty thousand wons or hundred thousand wons. However, just calling a sweet potato a watermelon sweet potato cannot change the sweet potato into the watermelon sweet potato accordingly. Whether names change or become better is no good. Good origins and good ground result in good fruits. That is, only when we sow ‘good seeds’ in ‘good soil’ and grow them well, there will be ‘good sweet persimmons’ or ‘good watermelons’.

 What Exists In Life
 What exists in life is a way of making Gil-Hyoong-Whoa-Bok(good things, bad things, misfortunes, and fortunes, 吉凶禍福). If we find good things and practice them, neither names nor Saju(四株) matters but things become better naturally and good results take place.
 If we meet bad things to keep bad company, bad results and troubles occur all the time. This is the very thing of the world. We have to learn in order to know what is. What can we do from learning what doesn’t exit? Those who like something stupid and awkward will come to be caught up in strange happenings.
 It must be fully understood that being caught in strange happenings causes the self-loss and makes the biggest blessing in life abandoned. Stupid things must never be done. Whether someone is stupid or not is revealed by what is.
 I said that what we must be most alert to and be most careful of is the contact with ghosts(When human beings are alive, they have souls in themselves and when they die, the souls come out of their bodies and we call them ghosts). Not all the souls are alike. The quality is differently respectively. Just as people have all kinds of characters, the souls, the essences of the people, have the causes of all the kinds of characters.
 If the souls have contact with the consciousness of those who are alive, their characters become to appear from the people.
 The reason why Buddha tried to teach people the law of cause and effect so much was wanted them to enlighten themselves about their ignorance and to think highly of what is. That’s why he dedicated all his life to telling things of the world to ordinary people. He left words which are famous the moment he passed away. “I have never said my own words.” He meant that he had said what is. While he was travelling around, he talked about lots of things and tried to inform people of what is many times, why did he say that he had never talked about his own words? It is that he did explain not about his thoughts but about what is. This is a very important point. You have to know the fact that ordinary people are saying not what is but their own thoughts. In this sense, we can confirm how big love and light Buddha’s teaching can be to the human world.

 Destiny Of The World, Nations, and Individuals
 Through this law of cause and effect, nothing in the world is impossible to achieve. Everything has appeared and disappeared by this law. And seen through this law, the world itself is the creator. In the structure the world has, activities continue to happen in a variety of phenomena of the world and new things come into being due to these activities. A substance is created or a living creature comes out of there.
 If this is denied, the conclusion that the earth will disappear soon is just made. However, the earth has always existed before us and will never disappear. It is because things exist under one law and the law continue to occur and move by the activities of all the things just in front of us. According to this law, the rise and fall of things is determined. Today, why have things been getting hard in this country? Korea could have become the richest and the most powerful country in the world. However, this society and the people haven’t thought highly of this law of cause and effect and hence ignorance and wrong things by this ignorance have become influential. That is why there have become to be today’s difficulties in this society.
 People’s destinies are respectively decided by the fundamental cores(根本, the essence) which exist in them. This core means the fruit which is formed by the In-Yeon(因緣, Relationship made in the past) which people had had in their lives respectively. That is, the core is what people carry with at their birth and is what exists inside their consciousness. Then, where does this thing that exists in consciousness come from? It is obtained from a life in reality. Gaining a thing from a life in reality means getting it in circumstances.
 We call the society where we live our foundation. If a society is good, it is good for those who have good consciousness to do activities but if it is bad, those who have bad consciousness come to be active. What is itself is a problem and its very answer. A thing(what is) comes into being by what happens and the activities of what is make what happens come into being endlessly. What is is the foundation and what happens is the fundamental core. These come to be formed by the activities of the existing things. The results which are made by the activities are called phenomenon. All the things from all the happenings Which we see and experience during our lives appear by what is in the law of cause and effect.

 What Exists And The Origin Of Life
 You might become to feel a little why the law of cause and effect is so important in our lives. People guess that a creator made the world and human beings. Of course, I don’t absolutely deny the guess that this profound and mysterious world was created by someone. It is because we can see and confirm really surprising phenomena.
 It is the activities of the earth itself that were the origins of all the living things. That is, the world’s activities were the causes which cause all the things to exist. For example, human activities built rockets and conquered the moon.
 The creator did not make the rockets but the endless activities of human beings made the rockets and landed them on the moon. We ourselves exist by the very activities of the world.
 All the results we want exist in the single truth. We have to know the fact that a person who is good what the person is alive is still good after death. Similarly, when a tree did lots of good activities, it can input plenty of good things into its fruits.
 And it is not restricted to just these fruits but it continues in the next generation. The good fruits can cause good activities and good fruits will be harvested again. Therefore, once a person attains the enlightenment and comes to understand the law of cause and effect, anybody can become a great person during endless lives.

Talk about Justice - From 3rd of Nature's Teaching

 Is Justice alive? Throughout the long history, the word justice has existed in human society. People do not know how important justice is for human society. That is, there are very few people who know exactly about justice and what roles it plays in human society. That is why there have been cases where justice was missing or never saw the light.

 Justice Is The Light To Brighten Society
 The definition of justice is the light which brightens human society. It has been observed that in a society which justice was missing, a wide variety of odd phenomena were taking place. For example, in the society, injustice and corrumption spread and venal officials gained power. Thus, fraud, trickery and falsehood became so rampant that the societies came to be onto the road to collapse. Societies where justice stood right could be free of such bad things as injustice, corruption, venal officials, etc.
 If we forget justice, our society can never make a bright society in any ways. This means that justice is the essential teaching in human society. However, very few people are properly aware of justice so it has never been explained or taught. Fifty years after this country was founded or five thousand years after this people settled down this land, it is not too much to say that it is the first time to discuss the definition of justice and announce it .

 Cruel Politics Is Scarier Than A Tiger
 People have not yet realized obviously that, no matter how many laws are established to make a society a good world, a phenomenon occurs that it causes the life in human society to be much harder if it is done in a society without justice. Let’s give an example from an old Chinese story in order to show how hard it is to live in a society without justice.
 In an old state of Lu(魯), one day Confucius and his disciples were crossing a remote mountain when they hear a woman’s plaintive cry. Confucius sent a disciple, Zilu(子路) to find out why she was crying so sadly.
 Zilu said to her, “Why are you crying sadly alone in this remote mountain?”
 She said, “This area is really dreadful. Several years ago, my father-in-law was killed by a tiger, last year my husband, and a few days ago my child was taken away. Hence, I built them graves and am crying.”
 Zilu said, “If so, why don’t you live along with people in a village but live here to have had such terrible things?”
 Zilu got an unexpected answer from the lady. “In this remote mountain, there are tigers but no corrupt officials.”
 Here comes an old story that when Confucius heard the whole story he left the teaching, ‘Corrupt officials’ tyranny is much scarier than tigers.’
 In a society where justice is properly kept, quality of peope is so high that corruption or injustice cannot be observed. In this world, there are such countries. On the contrary, there are much more countries where people are suffering from the loss of justice.

 Must Follow Reasons
 I feel very sorry whenever I see our society. It is because, even though our society is getting worse and worse, nobody is to reaveal the truth and even knows about the truth itself.
 These days newpapers are full of feature articles of 50th anniversary of the country and lots of television shows with the catchphrase, let’s establish a new country are on. However, with all these phrases they just put forward their own thoughts and claims.
 The point that we note here is the fact that there is a meaning in the world and the world moves by the meaning. The meaning is formed by what exists in reasons and appears. Hence just suggesting their own thoughts and claims with reasons in the world disregarded is nothing less than stupid people’s behaviors.
 If justice stands upright in our society, nobody can claim their own thoughts or what they don’t know in public.
 In order to raise quality in human beings, we must not disobey the meaning of the world and ignore what is in reasons. However, today our society does so.
 Justice reveals what is and things of human society. Justice is needed most for the continuation of human society.
 Nothing is achievable in a society without justice. When we drive cars, if drivelines are missing they will never move. The same is true of justice in human society. Justice creates great power in societies of state. In other words, it is the essence which becomes the driving force of the power.
 Living with justice forgotten is the same with abandoning all the hopes that we are to live righteously. If societies ignore justice and don’t get it upright, those who have great abilities cannot perform proper roles.
 In societies where there is no justice, the difference between right and wrong disappears and then the societies are ruled by men of power.
 In society with justice, rulers must consider the publice. However, without justice they don’t care about the public because laws in such societies are used not for revealing for truths but as the tools for their ruling. In those societies, incompetent people gain power by flattering the powerful. In that way, those societies become worse gradually. We must pay attention to these kinds of things.

 Reality Of Our Education System and Teachings
 Justice is defined as the light which brighten a society. It means that, if justice disappears in a society, the society is in the cover of darkness. In the darkness, what can we see and what can we learn? In the darkness, we always think of dreamy, illusory things and keep them in our minds. In a society of no justice, how can people be properly educated and how can enterprises be operated?
 Newspapers and broadcasting stations say that the quantitative expansion of Korean education system has been biggest in the world for the past 50 years. They also emphasize that Korean education system has produced the most studetns who were highly educated. In other words, the most graduation certificates have been received. By the way, I want to ask what was taught during the process that such many studetns received the gradaution certificates. It cannot be guaranteed that students who received education in the state of not understanding properly what exists can take on certain duties and accomplish them properly, even though they got degrees. How can we entrust the students who are unaware of what is with taskes? People say recklessly, “Does justice feed us?” “Does truth feed us?” If we stay in the darkness and are not aware of what is, how can we hope that we will lead righteous lives? It is definitely impossible.

 Morality and Conscience
 Through newspapers or broadcasting, various groups or organizations are shouting the words, morality and conscience. By the way, in a society where justice has been missing, how can there be someone who knows about morality and conscience? On this land, nobody has taught morality, which makes it impossible to be those who are aware of morality. People have said that we must always think higly of morality but they have never taught morality itself.
 In the ethics textbook of elementary school, there is the content of Admiral Lee Soon Shin. The fact that he went forward to fight against the enemy for the country can be a teaching but such teaching cannot make morality understood.
 People know that western philosophy and eastern philosophy are different. When philosophers are asked to tell the definition of philosophy, most of them hesitate about answer. It is because even they have never learned from someone who clearly knows about philosophy. The same is true of morality. From those who have never learned about morality, how can we ask for it?
 In a dictionary, morality is Do-Duk(道德, dàodé) in Chinese characters. Do(道) means a way and Deok(德) virtue. Morality means to make human ways through righteous behaviors. What is Deok(德)? It means right behaviors. Right behaviors can remain great things in human society. This is moraltiy.
 Western people call it love and eastern people call it Do-Deok(道德). The difference in words which comes from respective environments or teachings is a matter of expression.
 To leave good teachings in the world through right behaviors is blessing. That is, the definition of love is blessing and so is that of Do-Deok(道德).
 For better understanding, in English, 5 is pronounced five and in Korean, ‘Da-Seot’. It is a matter of terminology. It is correct to say that Love and Do-Deok(道德) have the same meanting but the different terms. It has always been in human history that Do-Deok(道德) is lost in a society without justice. In a state of no justice, how can people know what is correctly and without knowing what is correctly how can people achieve it properly? It is the hope for those who want to live good lives that in human society justice must be alive.
 A Society would rather do without laws. Although there are no laws, if justice is alive in the society fraud, trickery, injustice and corruption never occur because all the members think highly of conscience. However, if there isn’t justice in the society, no matter how many laws there are and no matter how high panelties there are, injustice and corruption will be unceasing, venal officials will gain power, and fraud, trickery and falsehood will become rampant. In such a society, it is really hard for a just person to do big things and those who are wrong ruin the society with their own thoughts. These things have been observed in the history of the past and the present society and in the future any societies can experience them.
 Our society’s biggest unhappiness is that the members don’t have the proper understadnings of justice and the Do-Deok(道德).

Karma And Destiny

 What you do is entered into your consciousness. Inputs accumulate in your fundamental. The existence in your fundamental formed by accumulation is called karma. Karma controls what you do in the way it is made. This is called destiny. That is, the existence within yourself created by what you do is called karma as a result, and destiny is the result of karma acting as a factor controlling your future behavior. This is the same principle that the fruits harvested this year are used as seeds for the next year.

Life - From 1st of Nature's Teaching

What is life?
  Life is precious to anyone. However, ultimately few people lead their life with the correct understanding of life. Why do people live in the state of being unaware of life? It is because there hasn’t been anyone who teaches about life or anyone who wants to learn about it either in this period.
Life can make anything happen to you. What exists in life produces your endless future. That is to say, life is the way to eternal you. Through your life, you can be born as the best human who you want or as the worst human who you never want. Seen from all these facts, there is nothing more important than knowing life in terms of the survival of a human being. In other words, life without understanding itself is the same thing as is abandoned.
Then, when it comes to saving you what is the most significant object to be saved? It is you yourself. You can find the same words in the bible. “Nobody can reach the heaven through anyone else rather than the self.” It was the explanation of Jesus that what exist in you would lead you to the heaven.
Consciousness derives from what exists inside you and it comes from specific cause and effect, the karma or the virtue you have built. For example, there was a TV show that someone had made a big fortune by growing up medicinal herbs such as a wild ginseng and so forth in the mountain where the herbs doesn’t grow naturally. It was possible because he studied about what exists, especially about the methods of cultivation and finally became to have the full understandings of them. His knowledge and ability made it possible for him to cultivate the herbs.
Nobody can guarantee that trees not taken care of will bear good fruits. Expecting good results of life while you are living without being aware of the meaning of life is the same as waiting for a good harvest from trees you have never looked after. Being unaware of how to live is the exactly same thing as doing something very bad to you.
Unstable society is up to people’s life filled with ignorance. If you realize that what you do will exist inside of you as well as affect you endlessly you cannot take any reckless actions. Realistically, since you don’t realize it, you are to take any kinds of careless actions. This makes you change for the worse and causes wrong things in the world as well. Living in the state of being unaware that what results things you have will create and what effects they will have on you, brings about nothing but mistakes.
In the meantime, it is not so easy to know life according to people. It is because people have the uniqueness of their own. There is a feature that drives you and on the basis of the feature, you see, react, understand, and accept an object. It is the very origin of destiny. Since people have different origins of destiny respectively, they have different understandings of the same object.
Then, how is the origin of destiny created? Just as a physical body grows up by food, especially by the energy of the food, consciousness is brought up by what has existed in the lord of the consciousness. What you hear, see, and experience accumulates over and over again inside you to make the growth of spirit. If something wrong is involved in this process the consciousness which is wrong will be made and subsequently a bad origin of the consciousness will be formed. So is a good origin of the consciousness. This kind of relationship can be observed in nature. Conclusively, it can be explained that it appears by the formula, the law, the truth, the promise, etc.
By the way, what is the biggest reason why people don’t know these precious things? It is because of falsehood. This unawareness indicates that falsehood has covered truth over.
A famous Chinese scholar said in the past. “If I am enlightened about Do (the way of the world) in the morning it doesn’t matter whether or not I die in the evening.” What is Do, then? Do (the way of the world) means the law of cause and effect of how what exists in the world appears and changes. It is as important to be enlightened to perceive what exists as it is and how it could come into being as he said that he could die in the evening only if he had become aware of what exists.
Knowing life is the way to understand the world. If you recognize life correctly you can understand the world correctly. Knowing the world is the same as obtaining the world. In the same way, knowing life is the way to gain oneself. That is to say, knowing life is the way to peace, happiness, eternal life, resurrection and the heaven. Teaching about life has as important meaning as that.
Neglecting life or having no regard for it is giving up your whole future. In the state of abandoning future, how can you want to be happy and live well? If a person made a big fortune by doing something wrong with ignorant thoughts the fortune would give you a lot of troubles. Due to the fortune, all sorts of disputes and unhappiness can appear endlessly. Anyone including you can meet these happenings in case that you bear bad thoughts from the fear of hunger in a short run without observing what exists.
Although life is really hard and difficult why should you bear and overcome it? It is because the way of your whole future is formulated during the process of life. If you commit suicide because of the difficulties of life there is no future. Even though you are born again you will become much weaker and repeat the same things. These are typical examples you experience due to ignorance of life.
Crops grow up under the influences of ground and environment and as a result, bear fruits. So does a soul. So does consciousness. Consciousness can be active vivaciously or make the better self by knowledge, enlightenment, and the influence of environment. And although it cannot be active very much, unless it does such a wrong thing that harm itself it might become able to change for the better naturally.
If a certain amount of oil is poured into the ground where crops grow up very well the ground will burn out and after all have terrible effects on the crops. If you accept things or relationships which may damage or affect badly you during a certain process, as crops do, consciousness can be withered or ruined.
Learning the way of life, i.e. how you lead your life is the project of your life. Unless someone teaches you how to achieve it you should do it for yourself. However, people don’t even try to recognize what the project is like and to carry it out. This is the biggest problem people in this era have.
In any circumstances, you must not look to any particular objects for the better change in you or to some good effects happening to you. If you could obtain unexpected and incomprehensible profits by serving gods, the happening will cause much bigger loss. It is because offering nothing but prayer will prevent you from learning what you have to do and enlightening yourself about what exists and finally only give you ignorance. The ignorance will perish you. It is irrational to suppose that only objects like gods can make people change for the better or for the worse. It is ultimately rare in human history that gods help people be born again, go to the heaven, and enlighten themselves. The evidences have never been acquired yet.
What you must think the most important and must not forget is that what you do becomes the causes of all the results inside you. Also, you have to observe carefully what exist all the time and have to know what kinds of results your behavior makes.
To know life is to know everything. It couldn’t be better if you know how you should live. You will be able to work hard and think about what isn’t harmful to yourself. If so, you will live well.
In the world like today approaching the end, it is considered natural for people to live with life neglected. Knowing life cannot only be blessing but also be agony to those whose willpower is weak.
Attachment becomes obstacles in life or darkness in life or makes you ignorant. It doesn’t mean that you should not love your children, siblings, and parents. You can love them but you must never have attachment to them. Then, what is attachment and what is love? Attachment makes you long for things unconditionally. Attachment originates from desire. Love starts with blessing. What makes things or people change for the better is blessing and what makes them change for the worse is attachment. People don’t distinguish attachment from blessing. They misunderstand attachment as love, or love as attachment and take actions.
The attachment makes, for example, you think your son “MY” son and your daughter “MY” daughter. You are not aware, however, that the attachment makes your children and siblings worse. Children are they, themselves and not you, yourself. If you have good thoughts and good will you should practice them first for yourself. And then you can teach them to your children. It is wrong that you don’t teach your children in that way and only look to them to do what you want. If you teach them they will do what you want naturally. You only want them to do things without teaching them. It is the same as wanting them to do something impossible.
The biggest love is teaching. Why do you send children to school? Don’t you send them to school to make them be taught by other people about what you cannot teach for yourself? Sending to school is love. Teaching children originates from the intention that you help them acquire blessing for themselves through learning.
If you consider these things useless there will not be any hope in the world where you live. Hope is the very thing you make and grow up. It is really rare that what you have never made and grown up happens in your surroundings. In order to understand these things, you need enlightenment and learning. Especially, what is considered the most important during the process of learning is life. If you don’t know life it is certain that you can never learn love.
Even though you don’t study and learn at all in school, if you can learn about life properly you can live superbly. However much and high you have scholastic abilities, if you don’t know about life how can you lead your life? Therefore, you must always think life precious and must hold the confidence that you lead your life well and make it more brilliant and bless it through endless future.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Things which rarely happen

 There should be no expectation that better fruit will come from the trees that no one has cultivated. It is very unlikely that this will happen.

Body and Consciousness

 The body grows with the energy of food and consciousness grows by what happens to oneself.

Tuesday 17 May 2016

The origin of one's destiny

 What happened to you or what you did does not go away easily. Once everything in the world exists, it continues to exist through activity. In other words, once anything happens, it happens again due to certain causality and through this process it continues to exist in the world.
 Destiny comes from here. The origin of destiny lies in a phenomenon in which what has happened to you is constantly accumulating in you and those accumulating things keep active. Such activities continue to produce the same thing.
 The differences in people's characteristics, qualities, what they see, what they hear, and what they say are due to the differences in what exists in them. The activity of what exists in them causes them to see, hear, and understand what exists in the world and to speak about what they have in themselves.


 To live without knowing life is to live with oneself abandoned. Nevertheless, no one teaches or tries to learn about life.