Tuesday 24 May 2016

Life - From 1st of Nature's Teaching

What is life?
  Life is precious to anyone. However, ultimately few people lead their life with the correct understanding of life. Why do people live in the state of being unaware of life? It is because there hasn’t been anyone who teaches about life or anyone who wants to learn about it either in this period.
Life can make anything happen to you. What exists in life produces your endless future. That is to say, life is the way to eternal you. Through your life, you can be born as the best human who you want or as the worst human who you never want. Seen from all these facts, there is nothing more important than knowing life in terms of the survival of a human being. In other words, life without understanding itself is the same thing as is abandoned.
Then, when it comes to saving you what is the most significant object to be saved? It is you yourself. You can find the same words in the bible. “Nobody can reach the heaven through anyone else rather than the self.” It was the explanation of Jesus that what exist in you would lead you to the heaven.
Consciousness derives from what exists inside you and it comes from specific cause and effect, the karma or the virtue you have built. For example, there was a TV show that someone had made a big fortune by growing up medicinal herbs such as a wild ginseng and so forth in the mountain where the herbs doesn’t grow naturally. It was possible because he studied about what exists, especially about the methods of cultivation and finally became to have the full understandings of them. His knowledge and ability made it possible for him to cultivate the herbs.
Nobody can guarantee that trees not taken care of will bear good fruits. Expecting good results of life while you are living without being aware of the meaning of life is the same as waiting for a good harvest from trees you have never looked after. Being unaware of how to live is the exactly same thing as doing something very bad to you.
Unstable society is up to people’s life filled with ignorance. If you realize that what you do will exist inside of you as well as affect you endlessly you cannot take any reckless actions. Realistically, since you don’t realize it, you are to take any kinds of careless actions. This makes you change for the worse and causes wrong things in the world as well. Living in the state of being unaware that what results things you have will create and what effects they will have on you, brings about nothing but mistakes.
In the meantime, it is not so easy to know life according to people. It is because people have the uniqueness of their own. There is a feature that drives you and on the basis of the feature, you see, react, understand, and accept an object. It is the very origin of destiny. Since people have different origins of destiny respectively, they have different understandings of the same object.
Then, how is the origin of destiny created? Just as a physical body grows up by food, especially by the energy of the food, consciousness is brought up by what has existed in the lord of the consciousness. What you hear, see, and experience accumulates over and over again inside you to make the growth of spirit. If something wrong is involved in this process the consciousness which is wrong will be made and subsequently a bad origin of the consciousness will be formed. So is a good origin of the consciousness. This kind of relationship can be observed in nature. Conclusively, it can be explained that it appears by the formula, the law, the truth, the promise, etc.
By the way, what is the biggest reason why people don’t know these precious things? It is because of falsehood. This unawareness indicates that falsehood has covered truth over.
A famous Chinese scholar said in the past. “If I am enlightened about Do (the way of the world) in the morning it doesn’t matter whether or not I die in the evening.” What is Do, then? Do (the way of the world) means the law of cause and effect of how what exists in the world appears and changes. It is as important to be enlightened to perceive what exists as it is and how it could come into being as he said that he could die in the evening only if he had become aware of what exists.
Knowing life is the way to understand the world. If you recognize life correctly you can understand the world correctly. Knowing the world is the same as obtaining the world. In the same way, knowing life is the way to gain oneself. That is to say, knowing life is the way to peace, happiness, eternal life, resurrection and the heaven. Teaching about life has as important meaning as that.
Neglecting life or having no regard for it is giving up your whole future. In the state of abandoning future, how can you want to be happy and live well? If a person made a big fortune by doing something wrong with ignorant thoughts the fortune would give you a lot of troubles. Due to the fortune, all sorts of disputes and unhappiness can appear endlessly. Anyone including you can meet these happenings in case that you bear bad thoughts from the fear of hunger in a short run without observing what exists.
Although life is really hard and difficult why should you bear and overcome it? It is because the way of your whole future is formulated during the process of life. If you commit suicide because of the difficulties of life there is no future. Even though you are born again you will become much weaker and repeat the same things. These are typical examples you experience due to ignorance of life.
Crops grow up under the influences of ground and environment and as a result, bear fruits. So does a soul. So does consciousness. Consciousness can be active vivaciously or make the better self by knowledge, enlightenment, and the influence of environment. And although it cannot be active very much, unless it does such a wrong thing that harm itself it might become able to change for the better naturally.
If a certain amount of oil is poured into the ground where crops grow up very well the ground will burn out and after all have terrible effects on the crops. If you accept things or relationships which may damage or affect badly you during a certain process, as crops do, consciousness can be withered or ruined.
Learning the way of life, i.e. how you lead your life is the project of your life. Unless someone teaches you how to achieve it you should do it for yourself. However, people don’t even try to recognize what the project is like and to carry it out. This is the biggest problem people in this era have.
In any circumstances, you must not look to any particular objects for the better change in you or to some good effects happening to you. If you could obtain unexpected and incomprehensible profits by serving gods, the happening will cause much bigger loss. It is because offering nothing but prayer will prevent you from learning what you have to do and enlightening yourself about what exists and finally only give you ignorance. The ignorance will perish you. It is irrational to suppose that only objects like gods can make people change for the better or for the worse. It is ultimately rare in human history that gods help people be born again, go to the heaven, and enlighten themselves. The evidences have never been acquired yet.
What you must think the most important and must not forget is that what you do becomes the causes of all the results inside you. Also, you have to observe carefully what exist all the time and have to know what kinds of results your behavior makes.
To know life is to know everything. It couldn’t be better if you know how you should live. You will be able to work hard and think about what isn’t harmful to yourself. If so, you will live well.
In the world like today approaching the end, it is considered natural for people to live with life neglected. Knowing life cannot only be blessing but also be agony to those whose willpower is weak.
Attachment becomes obstacles in life or darkness in life or makes you ignorant. It doesn’t mean that you should not love your children, siblings, and parents. You can love them but you must never have attachment to them. Then, what is attachment and what is love? Attachment makes you long for things unconditionally. Attachment originates from desire. Love starts with blessing. What makes things or people change for the better is blessing and what makes them change for the worse is attachment. People don’t distinguish attachment from blessing. They misunderstand attachment as love, or love as attachment and take actions.
The attachment makes, for example, you think your son “MY” son and your daughter “MY” daughter. You are not aware, however, that the attachment makes your children and siblings worse. Children are they, themselves and not you, yourself. If you have good thoughts and good will you should practice them first for yourself. And then you can teach them to your children. It is wrong that you don’t teach your children in that way and only look to them to do what you want. If you teach them they will do what you want naturally. You only want them to do things without teaching them. It is the same as wanting them to do something impossible.
The biggest love is teaching. Why do you send children to school? Don’t you send them to school to make them be taught by other people about what you cannot teach for yourself? Sending to school is love. Teaching children originates from the intention that you help them acquire blessing for themselves through learning.
If you consider these things useless there will not be any hope in the world where you live. Hope is the very thing you make and grow up. It is really rare that what you have never made and grown up happens in your surroundings. In order to understand these things, you need enlightenment and learning. Especially, what is considered the most important during the process of learning is life. If you don’t know life it is certain that you can never learn love.
Even though you don’t study and learn at all in school, if you can learn about life properly you can live superbly. However much and high you have scholastic abilities, if you don’t know about life how can you lead your life? Therefore, you must always think life precious and must hold the confidence that you lead your life well and make it more brilliant and bless it through endless future.

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