Friday 16 December 2022


 Lao Tzu said that when a person with low level of consciousness hears the truth, he curses, when a person with intermediate level of consciousness hears the truth, he is dubious, and when a person with high level of consciousness hears the truth, he rejoices.

 There are good and bad sides to everything in the world. The supreme enlightenment has the highest value in itself, but at the same time it must face the worst frustration.

 Enlightenment is the thing which enables people to live a better life. The enlightened person does the work of telling people the way to attain enlightenment. The enlightened one is cursed by the majority of people, who have low levels of consciousness.

Wednesday 14 December 2022

Ability to discern

 The ability to discern things or facts in life is an essential element. However, in order to discern something, you must have the ability to see things as they are. You have to be able to see, so you can accurately recognize what you want to discern and find the exact criteria that make discernment possible.

 It is so difficult to find someone with the right discernment ability in reality. Because people live their lives chasing their desires or ideals, they try to see what exists and discern it based on criteria from their desires or ideals.