Tuesday 4 September 2018

Knowing proplerly

 If you are curious about whether you are aware of something, consider the example of addition(+). If you can do it as easily and well as addition, it means that you know it. If not, you are deluding yourself that you know it.
 It is so important to knowing something properly. That is because if I know it right, I can avoid ruining myself as well as other people, at least for that matter. Furthermore, I can make myself and others better.

Sunday 10 June 2018

Is life a blessing or anguish?

 There is a saying that humans come with empty hands and go with empty hands (空手 來 空手 去). This means not to be greedy for wealth. In other words, they bring nothing when they are born, and they take nothing when they die. But the truth is a little different from this statement. Human beings are born with the qualities made through what existed in previous lives. And when they die they go with the qualities changed through what exists in the present life. That is, there are things to bring and take. From this fact we can see why we should live right.

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Intention and Practice

 The intention to do something and actually do it is a separate matter. If you have the intention to practice it but don't know how to do it or don't have the will and effort to do it, you can't execute it properly.
 If the intentions are good, even though the outcome of a task is not good, the mindset that execution itself is not bad is wrong. Too many have argued that their intentions were good, although the consequences of their practice for the realization of infeasible ideals or unrealistic ideologies adversely affected individuals and society.

The purpose of life

 What is the purpose of life?
 People's response to this simple question varies. Some people give their own answers. Others say that this question has no answer. Others are not even interested in the question itself.
 Like questions about other fundamental problems, living without knowing the exact answer to this question does not guarantee good processes and outcome.

Sunday 4 February 2018

The one who want to be a friend but cannot hardly to be a friend

 A person who can see and say what exists in the world as it is is said to be a true person. A true person is ready to be friends with everyone in the world and strives to be friends. But a true person who can be the best friend is unfortunately the hardest person to be friends with. It is because truth as facts as they are is hard for people to bear.

Wednesday 3 January 2018

True Teaching

 A wise man met people who insisted that they were doing the study of becoming 'an immortal being(神仙).'
 "Does a real immortal existence come and teach the way of study?"
 "Then, is there anyone who has become an immortal being(神仙)' through the way of study?"
 "Not yet."
 "You said that a real immortal being does not directly teach the study and nobody has become an immortal existence through the way of study you are doing. Then, how can you be sure that your study is the study of becoming 'an immortal being(神仙)'?"
 This absurd story is a true story. And many more absurd things are happening in reality. True teaching should appear in those who are learning the teaching. When you meet numerous organizations or people who are spreading various teachings, why don't you recall the above anecdote?