Sunday 27 December 2020

Instinct and distinguishment between right and wrong

 It is a common phenomenon in today's world that people who find well the know-how to meet their desires in life and get what they want are considered great people. This is not so much different from the life activities of plants that spread branches for sunlight and roots for water, or those of mosquitoes that instinctively pursue the smell of carbon dioxide and sweat.
 The problem is that finding the know-how to get what they want is different from distinguishing between right and wrong.

Sunday 20 December 2020

To live is like mountain climbing

 To live is like mountain climbing. You cannot say that climbing from a higher place is better or worse than climbing from a lower place. You just have to steadily climb the mountain from your position. The important thing is that you shouldn't give up on climbing and descend because it's hard.

Friday 18 December 2020

A billion dollars and conscience

 Just because people who do not own 1 billion dollars think they want to have 1 billion dollars does not mean that they can possess 1 billion dollars "right away.” Likewise, just because people who do not have high wisdom or great conscience decide to live wisely or conscientiously does not mean that they can live so "right away."

Tuesday 15 December 2020

The reason we must live right

 The reason we must live right is for the near future of this life or future lives.
 Living right means living with good words and actions.
 Good words and actions are saying what exists as it is and acting accordingly.
 In order to tell what exists as it is and act accordingly, we must be able to see what exists in the world as it is.
 When someone can see things of the world as they are, it means that the person is true.
 To be true, we have to get rid of the falsehood that exists in us.
 Falsehood is everything that is different from what they really are.
 To get rid of falsehood is to enlighten ourselves about facts.
 The facts as they are can be obtained from a person who can see what exists as it is.
 Enlightening about something means, beyond learning and understanding it, making it a part of ourselves by completely dissolving and absorbing it.

Food and words and actions

 Just as food changes the body, words and actions change the consciousness unit.
 Just as good food makes the body healthy but bad food makes the body sick, so good words and actions brighten the consciousness unit, but wrong words and actions make the consciousness unit dark.
 Just as it is difficult to maintain a healthy body and it is easy to spoil the body with sweet but unhealthy food, it is difficult to maintain a bright consciousness unit and it is easy to darken the consciousness unit with wrong words and actions to satisfy the desire.

Sick society produced by distorted purpose

 The fundamental of something is the same as its purpose.
 What is the fundamental, or purpose, of politics in human society? It is to maintain fairness in society. However, the purpose of politics in today's world is to achieve power. The reality is that laws and systems are created and enforced not to maintain fairness, but to achieve and maintain power.
 Political activity refers to any activity aimed at achieving the purpose of maintaining fairness. However, today's political activity refers to all the activities that are necessary to acquire, exercise, and maintain power (nonsense, trickery, intimidation, hypocrisy, etc.).

Same words or text and different understandings

 People have different understandings when they hear the same words or read the same text. That's because each has its own *conscious unit(explained below). Most of these understandings are relative and subjective rather than absolute and objective. Most people perceive their relative and subjective understandings as absolute and objective understandings, and speak and act on the basis of the perception. This kind of repetition of perceptions, words, and actions makes the understandings of things in the world more and more relative and subjective.
 *Consciousness unit: Consciousness unit is a noun derived from the verb ‘to be conscious’ and means the subject performing consciousness. What happens to humans is sometimes stored in their consciousness units. Humans are born with their own consciousness units. Consciousness units undergo changes as events happening in life are input. Through our consciousness unit, we meet and respond to things in the world in our own way. This can be compared to the case where people see and react to things in the world wearing different colored glasses.

Wisdom and ignorance

No matter how great wisdom is, it is useless in a society dominated by ignorance.

In a dark society

 In a dark society, it is very difficult to see what exists or is happening in it as it is. But how can we tell whether a society is dark or bright? It depends on how easily and clearly we can reveal what exists in that society.

How many people are there

 How many people are there in the world who know the way of life and live accordingly?
 How many people are there in the world who try to be careful with every single word or action in order to avoid harming others, whether intentionally or by ignorance?