Tuesday 15 December 2020

Same words or text and different understandings

 People have different understandings when they hear the same words or read the same text. That's because each has its own *conscious unit(explained below). Most of these understandings are relative and subjective rather than absolute and objective. Most people perceive their relative and subjective understandings as absolute and objective understandings, and speak and act on the basis of the perception. This kind of repetition of perceptions, words, and actions makes the understandings of things in the world more and more relative and subjective.
 *Consciousness unit: Consciousness unit is a noun derived from the verb ‘to be conscious’ and means the subject performing consciousness. What happens to humans is sometimes stored in their consciousness units. Humans are born with their own consciousness units. Consciousness units undergo changes as events happening in life are input. Through our consciousness unit, we meet and respond to things in the world in our own way. This can be compared to the case where people see and react to things in the world wearing different colored glasses.

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