Sunday 26 April 2020

Illusion of number gives

 One of the main drawbacks of democracy is the principle of majority rule. This is because thoughts of the majority are not always better than those of the few. Although this is clearly the right fact, it is simply perceived by the public as words and is not fully understood. That is, even though a fact is not clearly confirmed, it is accepted as a fact just because the majority acknowledge it.

Tuesday 21 April 2020


 Wisdom is the ability to see what exists. Wisdom allows us to see the way to solve problems that exist in the reality of life and the way to achieve what we want.
 Wisdom has high and low. The more wise a person is, the more the person checks and verifies whether or not the path he or she has seen is correct. Contrastively, the less wisdom a person has, the stronger confident in the path the person has seen, and even if the path does not fit into reality, he or she clings to it.

Thursday 16 April 2020


 If you are wrong about numbers, symbols, formulas, etc. in mathematics, you cannot solve math problems properly. Likewise, if you are wrong about the definitions or the information of facts or things in human life, you cannot properly solve the problems that exist in your life.
 Humans are having deep deep dreams, trapped in a shroud of ignorance. They are too indifferent to whether the knowledge they have is right or wrong or whether their understanding of the reality is right or wrong. Ignorance, the cause of evil, will eventually bring enormous misfortunes to themselves and their society.

Thursday 9 April 2020

A true person and an untrue person

 People cannot recognize it and its problems even though they see what exists. But the true person can easily identify and say the problems it has when the person sees what exists.

Wednesday 8 April 2020

A good teacher and a good teaching

 A good teacher is a true person (a person who can see and say what exists as it is), and a good teaching is content that reveals the truth of what is in existence so that it can help people recognize a problem.

Tuesday 7 April 2020

The best teaching

 What is the best teaching? It is love. The best teaching is to teach people of the world justice and conscience for love. Justice is the way to light up the world, and conscience is the way to light up one's mind. There is no greater blessing than people's living in a bright world with bright mind.

Monday 6 April 2020

Meaning of camouflaging hypocrisy

 If a person is a hypocrite but the people around the person don't know it, what does that situation mean to the person? In other words, if the person is deceiving people to appear to be righteous and competent and they believe that the person is really such a person, what would that situation mean to the person?
 Even if one person is a hypocrite and many people around him know and point out that fact, if the person is claiming that he is not a hypocrite through using a variety of methods, how would that situation make sense to the person?
 Many people argue that there is no meaningless life, depending on what the purpose of life is or what the values ​​of life are. However, such claims are mistakes that the distinguishing between right and wrong is excluded and only diversity is considered.

Sunday 5 April 2020

The reason why we are in trouble

 If you do what exists without knowing it, it will put you in danger. The reason why society is in trouble is that the consciousness of the members is getting deteriorated.

Friday 3 April 2020

The way to burn up karma

 If one tries to bless other people, the one is abandoned by them. Just then it is possible to burn up the karma. Karma can only be burned with the fire of love.

Thursday 2 April 2020

The blind with eyesight

 Those who can’t see what exists are called the blind with eyesight.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Evil and ignorance

 The cause of evil is ignorance. Because people do not know why their wrong words and actions are not good, they do. There is a saying that falsehood is bad. However, they speaks and acts wrongly in order to escape the crisis they face for the moment, or to satisfy their desires (desire for honor, earthly desires, appetite, sexual desire, desire for sleep).
 Words and actions do not disappear for no reason. Just as a handful of air or a bite of food remains in the body, words and actions remain in the consciousness. In addition, words and actions change the consciousness (spirit), just as the quality of air and food changes the physical constitution.
 Falsehood once committed leads to another. The lies plant other lies or leave grudges against others. Evil already committed does not disappear by the punishment through the ethics or the law created by the human society or by the forgiveness of the victims. It remains as clear as an indelible wound.
 If you point out their lies to false people, they get angry or even make retaliatory attacks. There is a saying that if you point out the wrongness about robbery in front of robbers, you could be attacked or killed. Some of mankind's teachers were also killed because they pointed out the hypocrisy in front of the contemporary hypocrites. Those hypocrites never knew their hypocrisy. It was because the cause of evil is ignorance.