Sunday 2 July 2023

How Things in the world Operate

 Mixing white and red makes pink. And depending on the concentration and amount of the two colors, different pinks are created. This phenomenon does not change under any circumstances.

 Not only the case of mixing colors, but also the results that occur when any causes existing in the universe meet each other are always constant.

 The important fact is that if you have the desired intensity and amount of pink, you just need to prepare white and red in the concentration and amount that can produce it. In other words, if there is a result required in individual life or society, it is necessary to create causes that can produce that result. Finding the exact way to create the cause and executing it properly is the only way to produce the desired result.

 No matter how earnest, desperate, and firm someone's wishes, hopes, beliefs, and prayers are, the desired result will not be obtained unless they know the method and execute it properly to create the required causes. This is the principle the world goes around.

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