Sunday 26 March 2023

A Grim Reality

 It's a grim reality indeed.

 Although it is a common problem for almost all mankind today, especially the members of this nation have a weak conscience, which is the light that illuminates them. Since the light that illuminates them is weak and it is dark, they themselves do not know what they are doing.

 Also, although it is a common problem in almost all societies today, especially in this country, justice, the light that illuminates society, has almost disappeared. The light that illuminates society is weak and dark, so it is impossible to see what is going on in this society.

 Because people are dark and society is dark, they do not know what they are doing or what is happening in society, so people are only chasing after desires or ideals. Any tool or means that can satisfy their desires or ideals is considered good, and anything contrary to it is considered evil.

 This situation is getting worse as time goes by, so the future of this country is really bleak.

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