Friday 28 February 2020

Communication through writing

 There is an anecdote that the last work of an old scholar was to translate a book he wrote in English into Latin. He said he wanted to prevent the meaning of his writing from being understood differently than he intended. For reference, in English, most words have several different meanings, while in Latin, a word has only one meaning.
 I once discussed one matter through writing with an old friend who had moved to a foreign country. The result was not good. Eventually, I decided that it would be better not to convey meanings through writing. Since then, I have tried to convey meanings through writing to some people, but the results were not good, either.
 The key to good communication is questions and answers. You should ask the opponent if your understanding of the person's words or writings is the same as the person's will. If you don't, you will probably have different or incorrect understanding or judgment from the meanings that the person tries to convey through speaking or writing.

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