Friday 4 October 2019

Conscience and Justice

 'Conscience is the light that brightens oneself, and justice is the light that brightens society.'
 People with great consciences can see their words and actions for themselves, because the light shines on them. They can see what they say and do, so they can refrain from saying bad things and do good things. People with small consciences cannot see their words and actions because the light that shines on them is very weak. Because they cannot identify their words and actions, they act on their own desires and feelings. 
 A society with great justice has a bright light that illuminates it, so members can see what's going on in it. What's happening in society is revealed as it is, so bad things don't happen easily, and they can be identified easily. In a society of small justice, the light that illuminates the society is so weak that what happens is not confirmed. It is dark and invisible so bad things happen easily. Identifying bad things that have happened is also very difficult.

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