Tuesday 7 June 2016

Learning from a living teacher or from words

 How blessed it is to learn from a living teacher who sees and teaches the things of the world as they are! Basically learning something is not easy in itself, and how difficult will it be to learn the best teaching to make yourself and the world better?
 What is the difference between being taught directly by a living teacher and studying on your own through the words left by a deceased teacher? For example, let's take a look at the saying, 'live honestly'. If you are taught directly by a teacher, you can ask questions about your doubts or whether your practice of honesty is good or bad. But such confirmation is not possible if you try to learn only from the words left behind.
 The teaching of 'Love' is one of common teachings of the great teachers of mankind. Most people rely on their own ideas to define, teach, or practice love. They have no idea what process their own words and behavior will go through and what kinds of results their words and behavior will produce.

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