Tuesday 15 December 2020

The reason we must live right

 The reason we must live right is for the near future of this life or future lives.
 Living right means living with good words and actions.
 Good words and actions are saying what exists as it is and acting accordingly.
 In order to tell what exists as it is and act accordingly, we must be able to see what exists in the world as it is.
 When someone can see things of the world as they are, it means that the person is true.
 To be true, we have to get rid of the falsehood that exists in us.
 Falsehood is everything that is different from what they really are.
 To get rid of falsehood is to enlighten ourselves about facts.
 The facts as they are can be obtained from a person who can see what exists as it is.
 Enlightening about something means, beyond learning and understanding it, making it a part of ourselves by completely dissolving and absorbing it.

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