Monday 6 April 2020

Meaning of camouflaging hypocrisy

 If a person is a hypocrite but the people around the person don't know it, what does that situation mean to the person? In other words, if the person is deceiving people to appear to be righteous and competent and they believe that the person is really such a person, what would that situation mean to the person?
 Even if one person is a hypocrite and many people around him know and point out that fact, if the person is claiming that he is not a hypocrite through using a variety of methods, how would that situation make sense to the person?
 Many people argue that there is no meaningless life, depending on what the purpose of life is or what the values ​​of life are. However, such claims are mistakes that the distinguishing between right and wrong is excluded and only diversity is considered.

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