Sunday 14 April 2019

Fundamental, Ground, Environment, Result

 All things in the world consist of four things: the fundamental, the ground, the surroundings, and the result. In the light of 'law of cause and effect', which is the basis for creation and change of all things, the fundamental, the ground, and the surroundings are the causes and effect is literally the result.
 In the case of soybeans, for example, soybeans are the fundamental as seeds, land is the ground, and such things as sunlight, moisture, temperature, etc. on are the surroundings. These three create new results, newly harvested soybeans. The same is true of humans. A soul (the fundamental) creates a newly changed soul (the result) through the activities of life in the ground (teachings) and in the various surroundings (home, social, national, period, religion, etc.).
 If there is anything desired, there should be the causes (the fundamentals, the ground, the surroundings) which can produce the thing (the result). The problem is that people don't know much about the three things: the fundamental, the ground, the surroundings. Even if they might know the words, it is not easy to recognize them correctly.

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